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Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store: A Blocto & Yahoo Taiwan Collaboration

Portto, the Parent company of Blocto, has announced a partnership with Yahoo Taiwan to launch their first Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store.

Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store Debuts with A-Hoo Collection NFTs

The rising global NFT trading volume has convinced yet another global tech company to enter the Crypto NFT market. Yahoo is integrating with Blocto’s blockchain technology to create an easy yet empowering NFT experience to aid users’ needs.

Yahoo Taiwan NFT

The featured NFTs in the Yahoo Taiwan NFT collection would be officially curated by Yahoo Taiwan, with a focus on:

  • Fiat Exchangeable Payment Gateway

Users will be able to make payments for NFTs via Credit Cards, with other fiat payment options on the way.

  • Affordable Rates

Users can access premium NFTs at reasonable rates to grow or begin their portfolio collection.

  • Exclusive Yahoo Rewards

Select NFTs purchased from the Yahoo Taiwan NFTs store will grant users special Yahoo Rewards and purchasing priorities in select NFTs sales.

Portto CEO Says, “Blocto has a lot of experience in Deep Blockchain‚Ķ”

The CEO of Portto highlights in a recent press meeting that Bloctto has already collaborated with large enterprises for NFTs and lists the examples of Vault with CNN to MotoGP Ignition. The CEO adds the Yahoo Taiwan NFTs stores will help regular consumers purchase NFTs like making eCommerce purchases.

Yahoo Taiwan NFT

A-Hoo NFTs Collection – Yahoo’s FIrst?

The official Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store has a mascot called A-Hoo, which will be featured on the NFTs. The mascot is already widespread across Yahoo Taiwan’s products, delivery crates, etc. The marketplace on which the Yahoo Taiwan NFTs will be listed is Bloctto’s own – BloctoBay.

The vice president of Taiwan E-commerce and Regional Products at Yahoo adds that the venture will help the local creators. By making Yahoo Taiwan’s media and eCommerce useful to the people, the creators can expand their ventures in NFTs.

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