Top Pay Web3 Jobs Global Market in 2022!

The Web3 jobs Market globally boasts of the fastest-growing job opportunities with the promise of wealth and abundance. But what does it demand when we consider that Web3 technologies are still progressing? In the times that we live, where NFTs, Metaverse, and crypto-assets are gaining popularity and even adoption, here are the Web3 blockchain development jobs whose demand keeps rising!

Web3 Jobs

Top Paying Web3 Jobs And Blockchain Jobs in 2022!

The varied opportunities available within the Web3 blockchain development ecosystem can help young developers begin their careers strongly. Parallelly, experienced developers have plenty to do and accomplish, especially within the US job market. As for aspirants who want to start with Web3 jobs, you can check out these courses to add to your profile!

1. Web3 Founding Engineer

Per Annum Salary: $250,000 – $500,000

Job Responsibilities:

The Web3 Founding Engineer within the web3 jobs would be responsible for developing and maintaining the blockchain infrastructure – mainly smart contracts and native Web experiences. Hence, the responsibility shall create smart contracts for creating, deploying, and trading digital financial instruments on the Ethereum-based blockchain systems.

Web3 Jobs

Basic Job Requirements:

  • Knowledge and Interest in Crypto projects like DAO, NFTs & DeFi.
  • Proficient knowledge of modern development languages & tools.
    • Solidity, Truffle, and Javascript.
  • Experience in working with Web3 technologies.
  • Proven on-hand ability to ship, well-crafted scalable code.
  • Being an autonomous individual with a can-do attitude.

2. Web3 Product Manager Web3/DeFi

Per Annum Salary: $150,000 – $300,000

Job Responsibilities:

It would be feasible for experienced crypto developers to look for blockchain development jobs that let them supervise the workforce. But, it comes with a critical responsibility of managing the product deployment and creation from seed to completion.

Hence, the Manager must be well-read and aware of the latest blockchain technology projects, smart contracts development, and crypto-economic protocols.

Basic Job Requirements:

  • Expert in Planning and Prioritization, Coaching, and Execution.
  • High Emotional Intelligence with Strong Communication & Collaboration skills.
  • Ability to learn and adapt to newer technologies stacks.
  • Capacity to suitably address & communicate with different audiences having varying tech expertise.

3. Web3 Developer

Per Annum Salary: $100,000 – $400,000

Job Responsibilities:

The demand for remote web3 jobs has risen equally, and it’s possible to get Web3 Developers across different blockchain projects. Anyone preferring to pursue innovative projects and holds the ambition to develop better technologies should be capable of bringing them to fruition.

It could require the individual to work in a cross-team environment with other members involved in the design and development side of the project. The Web3 technologies developer should help expand on the existing template of the NFT marketplace, being able to anticipate the requirements of NFT artists and crypto creators.

Web3 Jobs

Basic Job Requirements:

  • Being an expert in using modern programming languages.
    • Solidity, Python, and Javascript.
  • Experience in managing or creating Web3 products or applications.
  • High Problem Solving Skills
  • Capacity to devise and deploy proper code
  • Being Efficient and ensuring Program Scalability.

4. Web3 Blockchain Engineer

Per Annum Salary: $200,000 – $240,000

Job Responsibilities:

It may be difficult for some to find remote web3 jobs who want to continue their careers as Web3 Blockchain Developers. It is mainly because the responsibilities on the overseeing side of integration of platforms and technologies demand working with different team departments.

In addition, the Web3 Blockchain engineer should be capable of managing database integration into useable and secure data/analytics platforms and/or user-accessible cloud-hosted solutions.

Basic Job Requirements:

  • Experience in building, deploying, and maintaining blockchain-based tools and platforms.
  • Implementing best coding practices for having metadata, frameworks, and builds that are accessible, with reusable patterns, templates, and code bases to assist management.
  • Make components operational by efficiently using expert development programming languages.
  • Stay up to date with the latest Blockchain and Web3 Trends.
  • Work with onus to diagnose and optimize existing Web3 systems for improvements & innovations.

5. Web3 Lead Full Stack Engineer

Per Annum Salary: $150,000 – $200,000

Job Responsibilities:

Building scalable systems and APIs and GraphQL API servers are the top responsibilities for individuals seeking or engaged in blockchain development jobs. Additionally, they should be capable of creating robust and seamless authentication services besides API services that dynamically configure the database table systems.

Basic Job Requirements:

  • Aware and Adept at creating API services per different architecture guidelines and frameworks.
  • Experience in ensuring and improving the security and stability of high availability systems.
  • Possesses proficiency in writing object-oriented, clean, and maintainable code with minimal supervision.
  • Owning team leadership and teamwork skills to manage and lead small teams.

6. Web3 Backend Engineer

Per Annum Salary: $70,000 – $150,000

Job Responsibilities:

The available remote web3 jobs and blockchain jobs could help you join companies providing Web3 BaaS Cloud Blockchain services. Still, it may be required to attend the workplace since the responsibilities consist of designing, developing, testing, and deploying code builds for Web3 products and features.

The Engineers would also be responsible for managing communication with customers as necessary, apart from offering product scope and architecting solutions while implementing cutting-edge solutions.

Web3 Jobs

Basic Job Requirements:

  • Possess Professional experience in architecting, designing, and deploying production engineering solutions.
  • Critically understand and use programming languages used in Web3 & Smart Contracts development like Solidity, Rust, and other relevant languages.
  • Familiar with using and integrating AWS / Lambda services
  • Possess Concise knowledge and communication skills regarding blockchain technology.

7. Web3 SOA Engineer

Per Annum Salary: $95,000 – $210,000

Job Responsibilities:

Various blockchain development jobs in the market demand the individual to be experienced in using Database management systems. Parallelly, it is also required that they should understand MySQL Data Modeling along with knowing using Web3 programming languages.

The applicant must also be proficient in using Design tools for handling Service Oriented Architecture systems. It should further be aided with the knowledge of Web3 technologies concepts related to Web designing.

Basic Job Requirements:

  • Possess extensive knowledge in managing Lambda, DynamoDB, AWS SAM/CloudFormation, SQS, and RDS.
  • Manage NoSQL Data Modeling. Responsibly along with tools like Postman.
  • Understanding and ability to use Solidity, Ethers, and Hardhat are appreciated.
  • Experience in building Web applications and possess knowledge of concepts like web services, API design, and SOA like GraphQL & REST.

8. Web3 Crypto Engineer

Per Annum Salary: $60,000 – $110,000

Job Responsibilities:

Among the globally available web3 jobs, the requirements for Web3 Crypto Engineers are evermore and near-endless. The eligible person should be experienced in making Web Applications and proficient in using coding languages to make Web3 packages. Moreover, possessing the ability to use or integrate cloud technologies further strengthens the profile.

Beyond performing these duties, the crypto engineer must understand the different blockchain systems. They will be required to manage modes of interaction between it using Web3 products, including being aware of NFTs and their creation/transfer stages. Understanding open zeppelin contract standards for managing specific use cases is beneficial.

Web3 Jobs

Basic Job Requirements:

  • Ability to code Web3 Applications using Solidity & Python.
  • Experience in programming Web3 packages via javascript and using Cloud technologies.
  • Own knowledge and ability to use Web3js, Vue, and React.
  • Understand the DeFi Blockchain concept and means to integrate cross-platform communications.
  • Familiarity with NFTs creation, deployment, and transfer alongside Open Zepelling Contracts standards.

9. Web3 Front End Engineer

Per Annum Salary: $85,000 – $135,000

Job Responsibilities:

The front-end Web3 Engineer should proficiently design and deploy interactive and appealing decentralized applications using javascript. By using the available blockchain architecture responsibly, the engineer must understand and design creative ways to interact with it.

Possessing problem-solving skills is a must, with the ability to ideate and communicate effectively with the team for shaping decentralized software solutions.

10. Web3 Engineer

Per Annum Salary: $120,000 – $250,000

Job Responsibilities:

While many might seek remote web3 jobs for convenience and other reasons, the best ones will demand your presence. It is because the responsibilities include having strong experience in managing blockchain integrations and building full-stack environments.

For handling such responsibilities, the engineer must be a skilled code writer who can also teach and explain it effectively to the team. The role shall also demand leading other developers to enable successful solutions deployment with meticulous attention.

Basic Job Requirements:

  • A Degree in Computer Science.
  • Stronghand in using Solidity Programming Language.
  • Experience with interest in Crypto Assets & Blockchain Technologies
  • Well-versed in designing, creating, and using/integrating APIs.
  • A strong team player with good communication skills.

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Final Words

Although one may believe the market for remote web3 jobs should climb equally in the subsequent years, the truth differs. The ceiling of pay against the crypto Web3 jobs mentioned above will demand the individual to work on the premises, which will add to their experience and may ask them to relocate as required.

Either way, securing a job would be a good choice considering the millions of funding poured into Web3 companies by venture capitalists and the FAANG tech giants.

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