Web3 Decentralized Education Programmes (Ed3) For Future Learning!

Although the crypto winter is shaving off billions of dollars worth of market value, blockchain services are still plenty valuable. The concept of Web3 is rooted in Decentralization at its center, whose various uses are perpetual. Herein, the Web3 Decentralized Education Programmes are examples of how the crypto education sector releases the old, inviting the new.

Web3 Decentralized Education

What is Web3 Decentralized Education or ED3?

The term Ed3 is a play on the concept of Web3, where the education sector leverages Web3 technologies. Purposes of using Web3 services are broadly diverse since the concept of Web3 is itself in development.

But, what Web3 Education essentially stands to establish is to make knowledge and learning available and accessible globally.

Naturally, one might relate Crypto Web3 Learning with Blockchain Learning or Education, but it isn’t limited to it. Web3 Education surpasses crypto development and programming subjects to encompass traditional educational programs.

Numerous institutions and organizations are already using Web3 Education services at regional levels in varying degrees, no pun intended.

Web3 Decentralized Education

What Can Web3 Decentralized Education Do in 2022?

In the present year, the crypto jobs are paying enormously despite the state of the crypto market. In spite of the layoffs in the industry, numerous graduates and applicants are vying to attain Crypto Education. It is because blockchain services are proving worthwhile for every business sector, from medical to logistics to entertainment.

To meet the growing need of crypto industry demands, various DAOs have set up Metaverse Classrooms. Within them, the learning structure isn’t too far different from digital classrooms, except for a few core features.

For instance, Web3 Decentralized Education offers learning opportunities to whoever applies, whereas it’s not typically the same in Universities. By providing different courses and content whose credentials are logged using Web3 systems, the authenticity of their certifications becomes immutable.

Web3 Decentralized Education

Furthermore, the actual crypto coursework is performed on DAO blockchains under the supervision and guidance of moderators and educators. What it does is it allows the students to learn hands-on about the blockchain systems and their applications.

In such ways, and the following ways mentioned below, the Crypto Education concept is driving the education sector ahead into the Web3 Decade.

Authentic Crypto Credentials

 As mentioned previously, universities worldwide are using blockchain technology to make their data credibility authentic. It contributes to preventing duplication and fakes of authorization using micro-credentialing, often even using NFTs!

Web3 Decentralized Education

Peer Learning Accreditation Programs

The tutors of the classrooms across the globe are majorly underpaid, but Web3 Education services are bridging the gap. By incentivizing the educators and tutors for their knowledge and time, the Web3 portals are multiplying the global classrooms.

Web3 Decentralized Education

Enrollment within such DAO programs has shot up in the past couple of years, leading to such a trend in the learning process. Amidst such a progressive environment, top global universities are tracking technological advancements to identify areas of opportunity because of civic demands.

Affiliated DAO programs with Universities & Enterprises

Of hundreds of DAOs offering DeFi services and more, ten have established affiliations with learning institutions. Several enterprises have also shown participation among them by extending their recruitment or funding drives.

The Following Learning DAOs are currently among the most joined communities in the crypto space.

Do Web3 Decentralized Education Classrooms Exist?

The global crypto exchange platform BitMEX launched BitMEX Academy in Jan 2022 to offer Distinguished Lectures, Interactive Courses, Guest Speaker Events, a Library, and a Community. Similarly, The Blockchain Academy, K20 Educators, and EDuDAO are developing virtual modes of Blockchain Learning within the industry.

Web3 Decentralized Education

Although full-blown Metaverse Classrooms are not yet realized to their apex potential, Metaversities are being developed to offer global learning opportunities. It will also help to offer potential savings for students and minimize the higher education costs associated with graduate and Post-graduate programs.

Active Global Web3 Education & Blockchain Learning Accreditation

Organizations are setting up Competency Frameworks for Crypto Web3 Learning at the K-20 level to break primary and secondary school courses. Through them, the courses will be converted into Core Competencies, and North Dakota state is already engaged in bringing it into mainstream practice.

Through the participation of the OpenSalt organization, students can now present the achievement of their competencies. The results of their studies are saved on the Blockchain, which other schools and employers can track to quantify their skill levels.

Web3 Decentralized Education

Learn-to-Earn Web3 Decentralized Education Programs in 2022!

Matching the traditional education modes is yet a challenge for the Web3 Education sector, but it’s happening. The top names like RabbitHole are bringing blockchain technology to offer Proof Of Learning and Learn in Metaverse opportunities. Crypto rewards and scholarships also back such programs.

So check out the following organizations offering Crypto Education or Metaverse Classrooms within the Crypto Web3 Learning model.

Web3 Decentralized Education

Ed3 by RabbitHole

The ED3 offers personalized learning programs to students via their learn-to-earn model. Currently, the platform is in the process of building a university entrepreneurship center while already offering accelerated learning programs.

The program entailed RabbitHole users creating an ENS domain, rewarding them with ENS tokens. All the actions were recorded on their personalized blockchain and wallets, helping 16,000 people gain $200 million in value through the Crypto Web3 Learning program.

Web3 Decentralized Education

What Questbook offers is not a learn-to-earn program per se, but instead, it rewards people for using their web3 development skills. Anyone fresh off after completing their Blockchain Learning courses can use the platform to make quick bucks.

The app requires students and participants to complete quests tied to web3 development, which rewards them with cryptocurrency or NFTs. The valuation of the India-based APAC platform exceeds $10 million from their Series A funding rounds.

Web3 Decentralized Education


The concept of Layer3 is pretty simple; completing live bounties, projects, and contests earns the user crypto rewards. Layer3 also offers Web3 learning tools to enhance your development skills or market your web3 services on the platform.

The platform has partnered with numerous big names like DappRadar and Syndicate, among others, to extend its useability and valuation. For instance, its partnership with Juno and Hashflow allows the Layer3 users convenient crypto exchange at zero fees and interoperable DEX exchange services.

People specifically interested in DeFi protocols and their applications would appreciate services which reward them for discoveries. It’s Crypto Web3 Learning features require users to take quests after depositing funds or transferring them for learning and growing their knowledge of DeFi protocols.

The process earns the registered users’ Voltage tokens and NFTs, while the discovery platform also offers cross-blockchain token transfers. It may not be quite aligned with the regular form of Web3 Education or Metaverse Classrooms, but it surely pays well.

Is Ed3 Learning The Future of Education?

Providing Web3 Decentralized Education in the times of the dipping crypto market is both challenging and long-term risk. Sure, blockchain technology will prosper, but it cannot be all-encompassing, or can it?

As promising as it appears, it’s still a while until the crypto services encapsulate the traditional mode of living. Be it for payment systems or learning, adapting to a crypto world (not necessarily cryptocurrencies but think digital currencies) will happen gradually.

In this regard, Blockchain Learning will become essential, where the current scale of Ed3 Learning will be surpassed by better and more elaborate courses and programs.

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Is Crypto Web3 Learning the Same as Ed3 Learning?

If you may have contemplated the question above to yourself, then it’s worth exploring how and if both differ. The example below reflects how Web3 Learning isn’t limited to acquiring Blockchain development skills. That, Ed3 learning does not necessarily entail becoming a crypto or blockchain programmer, nor does it crusade one into adapting to blockchain tools for acquiring education.

Ed3 Learning and Crypto Web3 Learning can together simply constitute growing personal knowledge about the subject or any for that matter.

1729 – An Example of Crypto Web3 Learning!

The creator of 1729 has been the co-founder of (acquired by Coinbase), Counsyl, Teleport, and Coin Center. The platform offers a newsletter that pays you or incentivizes its readers to take action. They are not necessarily tasks, but performing mentioned activities like gathering information, learning a language, etc., rewards the reader with crypto.

Therefore, the above platform confirms that Ed3 learning does not have to incorporate becoming familiar with Blockchain in particular. Let’s further look at some core differences to establish more clarity effectively.

Brief Differences Between Ed3 Learning vs Crypto Web3 Learning!

  • Web3 Decentralized Education can help creators work or find work online. Ed3 allows students to own their education.
  • Micro credentialing can be considered a constituent of Blockchain Learning because it authorizes the person’s skills.
    • Thus, it can help students find work at institutions and businesses, even outside of the crypto sector.
  • A Crypto Web3 Learning course can also be about Architectural designing that is offered across borders via Web3 tools.

The Global Future of Web3 Education and Ed3 Learning

Since the concepts themselves merge both Web3 technology and learning experience across different levels, the need for regulating it would become a must.

In the times of crypto scams, education-seeking students can be potential targets who are offered basic education in the name of Metaverse Classrooms. While such an offering won’t be a scam unless the details are concealed, looking out for reputable Crypto Education institutions will become a must.

However, a sure way to check the authenticity of Web3 Decentralized Education programs is still easier. Any platform offering similar or other modes of Ed3 learning will license it, even DAOs, when they affiliate with Universities.

Until such times arrive to offer blockchain learning at large, beware of fake DAOs and cautiously indulge in personal scrutiny about their claims.


What is Web3 Decentralized Education?

The core concept of Web3 Decentralized Education is to let individuals gather skills from various sources and validate them on the blockchain or in their wallets. While it aims at functioning as proof of skill, engaging in the learning process using web3 tools also falls under the Edu3 categorization.

What is Ed3 Learning?

The Ed3 is an agency by RabbitHole that is working on making education accessible while letting users own their knowledge. The platform aims to revolutionize education and learning experiences globally by offering affordable education that can be accredited immutably.

Are Ed3Educators and Ed3 the same?

No, Ed3 is an agency that offers learning opportunities and accreditation services. Ed3Educators, on the other hand, is an NFT collection made by educators. Possessing those NFTs allows users to gain utility access to Ed3 DAO, social tokens, and other Educational program benefits.

Where can I apply for Blockchain Learning?

Coursera has partnered with various universities and enterprises to offer Blockchain Learning programs. Currently, four of their programs at beginner and intermediate levels are affiliated with The University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, ConsenSys Academy, and Princeton University.

Are there Metaverse Classrooms?

Education offered in Metaverse environments is also dubbed as Eduverse. Using resources by Labster, ENGAGE, Mozilla Hubs, Driftspace, etc., Educators are already offering learning courses to applicants and enrolled students.

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