Track Crypto – Best Platforms to Watch Crypto Assets!

Managing the account of which crypto has gained or lost how much value can be a hassle when you own multiple crypto assets. Hence, having a one-stop platform to track crypto assets can come in handy and save you time. Read on to learn about which are the best crypto tracking platforms!

Track Crypto

What is a Track Crypto Platform?

Any website or service that allows an anonymous entity or a user to track crypto assets in the market can be considered a Crypto tracking platform. Such platforms mainly offer in-depth data regarding the properties of the crypto assets, including their gains, losses and other activities in the crypto market.

Why Use Track Crypto Services?

Besides the primary reasons listed below, using Crypto Tracking services helps investors or interested parties learn about the performance of specific assets.

Following their discoveries regarding the performance of crypto assets based on the track blockchain or track NFT statistics, they can be motivated or deterred from trading or making asset purchases.

Track Crypto

1. Identify Crypto Asset Volatility

Using platforms like and can help users learn how the asset performs over time. Criteria like performance in the past hour, day, week, year, and all-time are provided whose use can classify the asset data.

2. Determine Crypto Asset Market

Another primary reason global audiences use crypto tracking platforms and services is to understand the market for the respective crypto assets. For instance, a hot selling NFT collection can have a smaller market than a bigger NFT collection with a smaller market.

3. Acquire Relative Net Worth of Crypto Asset

Based on the reasons stated above, acquiring all such information ultimately helps users theorize the asset value over time. Say, the users can anticipate the BAYC NFTs to gain another 8% value over annum based on using services that track NFT performance data.

Track Crypto Easily – Best Platforms to Track Crypto Assets!

So, it should be easy to solve your crypto tracking needs on the vast Web or the emerging Web3 world, correct? Not quite.

Some Crypto Tracking platforms, websites, services, APIs, etc. can exclude the data regarding certain crypto assets.

The reasons to do so are many and largely non-essential because anyone would like to invest in either upcoming or top performing cryptos. Thus, here are the Top Crypto Tracking Platforms you can use daily!


Track Crypto

The native tools offered by the platform’s web and mobile applications are perfectly enough for in-depth crypto tracking. Users can also set alerts besides comparing prices with other crypto assets and track NFT data of the NFTs they own or have sold to other users.

2. Coin Market Manager

Track Crypto

The portfolio tracker offered by Coin Market Manager can suit the needs of most crypto investors based on its varied set of features. Not only can the users track the performance of their assets across different blockchain platforms, but they also receive trading analysis statistics for chosen crypto tokens.

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3. CoinStats

The CoinStats tools are available to users across multiple device platforms, which showcases cryptocurrency trading options and presents track NFT & other crypto assets data. One of the leading advantages of using CoinStats is that users can consolidate their crypto assets besides integrating multiple crypto wallets into the same account.

4. Pionex


It is another crypto trading platform that lets users initiate automated crypto trades apart from using its track blockchain tools. Since Pionex also allows crypto exchange functionalities within its account, users can convert their crypto without accessing other CEX/DEX platforms. Comparative to it, users may need to link all their crypto wallets separately on most other platforms.

5. CoinTracker

It is an industry-standard crypto coin tracking app with a robust engine and attractive interface for accessing live crypto statistics. Cointracker can also parallel as your assets tracker for calculating taxes based on Profits/Losses of your crypto assets.

The Takeaway

Interested users can try accessing the crypto tracking tools mentioned above or use other portals like DappRadar, Cryptoslam, Coinbase, etc., to track crypto assets like NFTs, ERC1155 tokens, etc.

Additionally, users are advised to accept the given figures at face value with respect to them changing within milliseconds, if not less or more. Hence, users are advised to exercise caution before initiating or closing any trades.

Track Crypto FAQs

Q. What is the best way to Track Crypto Portfolio(s)?

One of the best tools for tracking crypto portfolios is the CoinStats and Coin Market Manager. It makes it easier for users to track their crypto funds and assets across different wallets & crypto blockchains.

Q. How to track Crypto Transactions?

To access the details regarding all the Crypto transactions on the blockchain, users can access its respective Blockchain explorer portal.

To access crypto transactions of a specific person or an organization, users need to have a crypto wallet address. They can use it to look upon a blockchain explorer or a crypto tracker website like cointracker.

Q. How to track NFT Sales Prices?

Users owning NFTs on the Ethereum Network can use the Etherscan/Polygonscan account page to track their NFT sales and view their sell prices.

Q. What is the best way to Track Blockchain Gas Fee?

The Official Ethereum Blockchain Gas Fee Tracker shows the live prices of Gas Fee on the platform, which is essential to validate transactions. Users can access it to track Blockchain Gas Fee prices in real-time.

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