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Changes to Terms

We reserve the absolute and undeniable rights to discontinue, cancel, suspend, erase or discard any content material, services, and products on the blog at any time without partial or immaterial notice. We also bear the right to customize, change and modify any content and services on the blog at any time without providing any notice(s) in advance. The rights to modify or replace these terms & conditions as stated here at any time are also ours in entirety, and no claims whatsoever will be entertained in this regard.

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Intellectual Property Limited Usage Rights

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Copyright Violations & Prohibited Use of Services

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We will retain the right to discontinue any features, products, and services on this blog or on the channels linked to it if they are identified in prohibition in any manner to the Terms & Conditions of this website.

Products via Affiliate Links

Our website only offers to provide tips, guides, suggestions, testimonials, etc., related to crypto finance, crypto NFTs, NFT trades, and similar subject matter by using information, knowledge, product, or services in our blog to help our readers and users for imparting them with knowledge about the NFT market, crypto trades, crypto NFT sales, and similar subject matters.

We make no promises nor offer any guarantees regarding the quality of products or services, results, and circumstances arising from the information that you used (at your discretion) from our blog or is linked to it. The material, content, and entirety of all the information and data available on the blog are mere to enable you to acquire knowledge and new information about those subjects mentioned above. Hence, you cannot blame us nor initiate any lawful charges on us if you’re dissatisfied or at a loss from using our blog when it does not yield you the outcomes, opportunities you may have desired and expected with or without certainty.

Our team on the blog has instilled each possible effort to present you with high-quality images, text, and representations of products, services, ideas, etc. Still, we shall not guarantee that your respective system or platform will similarly display them as intended by us.

Your access to different website use, product, or services that may be linked to our blog is granted to you by using affiliates. We shall not possess or bear any responsibility whatsoever for liabilities, damages, issues, and circumstances that you may face tied to any of the transactions, products, tokens, etc.

We are not responsible nor liable for any losses that you or another entity experiences due to making purchases, transactions, and using services, products of any type that one or more third parties fulfil. Only you shall be held responsible wherever it applies that you’re solely accountable for any issues arising from third parties and from acting on your own discretion and interests that may or may not align with our offered website content.

Liability Limitation

Under no type of circumstances, developments, and without any limitations shall “NFTsCryptoGuide,” nor any of its affiliates, directors, partners, and employees are liable for any special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, including loss of profits, data, goodwill or intangible losses or other losses arising from (i) your access to use or failure of using or accessing services and information; (ii) any conduct or third party content on the information and service; (iii) any information or any content obtained from service and (iv) unauthorized use, alteration, access or any other type of legal theory, whether or not we are notified of possibilities of such damage, and even when and if any solutions, remedies or tips addressed here has failed its essential and other purposes.

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