What is Blockchain Framework? Private, Public, and Permissioned Frameworks Explained

Blockchain frameworks are a type of software that makes it easier to design, implement, and support technically advanced products. Typically, the framework just contains the blockchain framework and its fundamental modules, and the developer implements all individual components based on them. As a result, a fast growth rate is attained while the final product’s stability […]


Do Smart Contracts ERC 1155 tokens Work? To What extent?

The crypto market is flooding with tokens (over 18k) and has amassed a $1.8 Trillion Valuation already. While this includes two major types of Cryptos, i.e., ERC-20 and ERC-721 (NFT), there’s another crypto on the rise. The Smart Contract ERC 1155 management protocols are the newest cryptos that can revolutionize the crypto industry! But how […]