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NFTsCryptoGuide welcomes guest bloggers who can create content(s) about the crypto finance trades, NFTs, and similar subjects relative to the Crypto NFT industry. By writing for us, you can have opportunities to present, showcase, reflect and depict your ideas, tips, evaluations, suggestions, and other information about crypto & NFT trade to the global audience.

Our website platform will provide you with numerous different chances and occasions to reach a broader worldwide audience, including the significant traffic that we regularly acquire from the US and European countries.

You may pick to write on any of the following subjects mentioned below:

  • NFTs Trade Analysis
  • NFTs Website Review
  • Crypto NFT Connections
  • Crypto NFT Market Overview
  • Crypto NFT Guides
  • NFT Trade Tips
  • And so on.

Guest Post

Our Guest Post Guidelines (DOs & DON’Ts)

You must follow all the guidelines mentioned below as-is for any and all of the guest post submissions that you may forward to us:

  • The length of the guest post should be at a minimum of 1000 words per topic.
  • Please pay attention to making the correct and optimal headings, sub-headings, bullets, specific notes, and similar materials wherever necessary.
  • The guest post that may submit us should not have previously been published anywhere else, nor should it be submitted again to anywhere else after exclusively posting it at NFTsCryptoGuide only.
  • The post should be 100% original with authentic information, engaging, unique, and independent of any forms of plagiarism besides being interesting for the readers.
  • The post that you may submit must contain an engaging and interesting title that aligns and justifies the content underneath it.
  • You may send your post with the addition of 5 original images (whose content placement must be defined with the respective title of the image written in Red font color in bold letters), which we accept in all sizes but only in the following extensions: .png, .jpg or .jpeg.
  • You may choose to use GIFs and clips in the content that you may submit. Still, they should not pose any infringement issues, and you also cannot submit any self or third-party promotional material in the form of mentions, links, or graphical representations.
  • The post you submit must have a maximum of one link only, which should again not promote or endorse any third party or businesses, etc.

Our Guest Posts’ Prohibition Terms

We will not accept the following types of post submissions, and we will dismiss any content that does not comply with these prohibitions:

  • If it promotes a brand, business, organization, or service/product.
  • If the post or inclusive material contains direct or indirect affiliate links.
  • If the posts are attached as any other file extensions except for the popular word processing software extensions.

Content Submissions

To make guest post submissions, email our team at nftscryptoguide@gmail.com with a short but clear subject title.

We’re always looking forward to receiving new guest posts and sponsored posts of diverse types. Our team will seek out the posts that meet our guidelines, and due to a higher frequency of submissions, we might require 3-7 business days to write back to you.

If you are interested in writing for us at NFTsCryptoGuide, please comply with our post guidelines in your submissions and maintain that your content meets them before making any submissions. We look forward to hearing from you, receiving your guest/sponsored post submissions, and publishing them on our platform.

Banner Space

NFTsCryptoGuide also provides the intended users, companies, organizations, brands, and similar businesses to promote/endorse your offered services and products by offering you to utilize the banner space(s) on our platform.

We accept banners from different industries and niches, provided that they don’t contain any NSFW content in any form whatsoever, be it visual, auditory,  written, or otherwise.

You can have your banner become visible on our platform on a monthly basis at different sections like the leaderboard, sidebar, in-article, or at the footer.

If you’re interested in endorsing/promoting/publishing your business banners, send them to us at nftscryptoguide@gmail.com, and our team will respond to you within 3-7 business days or sooner.

Moreover, you can visit our website and use our Contact Us section to obtain information about our defined communication medium for any details that you may need or if you want to have your questions answered or inquiries solved.