SOL NFT & Crypto: How to Navigate Best Solana NFTs & Projects!

The Solana Network is making a name for itself in the world of NFTs trade besides offering various crypto services. Getting in league with the giants of crypto, Solana is already ranked among the Top 10 crypto in the world. So it’s about time that you should learn to Navigate SOL NFT collections and SOL crypto projects!

Why? It’s one of the three leading Blockchain Networks that have the potential to topple or dwarf Ethereum and Bitcoin!

What is an SOL NFT?


An SOL NFT is a Virtual Digital Asset registered on the Solana Network Blockchain. In other words, users can mInt SOL NFT on the Solana Blockchain using its ecosystem tools. Complete detailed documentation to get started is available on its official website, but there’s more that makes SOL NFT special to mint!

How is SOL NFT Different?

For starters, the infrastructure of the SOL crypto network differs from that of the typical Ethereum Blockchain, despite sharing some similarities. Since users now have access to even more of its varied crypto services, it’s all still at a low transaction fee!

Besides this major driving force accelerating the market capitalization of Solana Network, it also offers many useful Web3 services!

1. Connecting an SOL Wallet

The foremost thing you need to do when you’re interested in trading on Solana Network is to have an SOL wallet. Only such wallets could store the SOL NFT until the cross-blockchain transactions become seamlessly integrated with the promise to avail them at lower costs.

2. The Solana Ecosystem!

A fundamentally positive aspect of trading on SOL crypto beyond its low fee is the ability to Stake crypto. The Solana Network already has a vast ecosystem of connected Web3 projects, including DEX, NFT Marketplaces, DeFi projects, and Lending Protocols.

Accessing these services or platforms without paying the astronomical cost is indeed remarkable. Furthermore, since the Solana Network is slated to rival everything from Top NFT Marketplaces to the leading Crypto players, check out the top lists below to better navigate the Solana Network!

Top Best SOL NFT Collections!

Solana allows users to Mint NFTs and trade them without worrying about security at a cheaper gas fee. It has opened a whole alternative route for NFT enthusiasts who are wary of paying high fees to acquire prized NFTs!

Here are the top NFT Collections available on the Solana Blockchain Network!

1. Shadowy Supercoder

Shadowy Supercoder

The Shadowy Supercoder NFT Collection is presently the top-grossing SOL NFT Project, launched by its identically named DAO. The 10,000 NFTs in the collection feature coders with different attributes like outfits, tabletops, screen combinations, etc. The collection reportedly has a market cap of over $190 million since its inception!

2. Degenerate Ape Academy

Degenerate Ape Academy

Also featuring 10,000 unique NFTs, the Degenerate Ape Academy collection is Solana’s second most selling collection. Having a 1.14 Million SOL Market Cap at the base price of 56.00 SOL, the collection can be considered hot-selling hands-down! Additionally, investors can join the Degen DAO to earn SOL tokens by staking them passively.

3. Boryoku Dragonz

Boryoku Dragonz

The collection of Boryoku Dragonz NFTs is limited to 1,111 pieces, whose possession allows owners multiple benefits. Since the NFTs are linked to the GameFi project Boryoku Village in ‘The Sandbox’, owners get two dragons.

As the developers plan to convert it into the Boryoku Multiverse, their value shall soar, but there’s more! The owners will qualify for airdrops and tokens besides earning several BOKU tokens (native in-game currency)

Top Best SOL NFT Marketplaces!

The Solana blockchain operates on the Proof-of-Stake protocol, where it validates transactions using the Proof-of-History Timestamping method. The blockchain can maintain authentic information regarding all its users by having such an infrastructure.

It plays a crucial role in making any SOL NFT collection a success because only authenticated users can make purchases, eliminating front-running and wash trading possibilities.

Moreover, the NFT marketplace sales have grown over 500% in the past six months, having over 300k verified transactions, bringing hundreds of millions of NFTs sales!

1. Metaplex


It is a unique platform that NFT Creators can harness to build their own self-hosted NFT storefronts. The process of it all is pretty simple, like building a website. Of course, it’s not without some community tutorials.

But, what’s additionally fantastic is that users can also Mint their NFTs on it ultrafast as it comprises two core components: an on-chain program and a self-hosted front-end web2 application.

2. Solanart


It is the largest marketplace for Solana NFTs purchase and trade, with over 500,000 successful transactions. While the marketplace is pretty intuitive, its real strength lies in offering a real low-cost Mint NFT and Sell NFT gas fee, which is a no-brainer to acquire more sales in this crypto economy!

3. Solsea


Apart from featuring the usual buy, sell and mint NFTs options, the Solsea Marketplace offers plenty more. Users can access the NFT exchange services where the FTX-Pay support is functional, besides obtaining regular NFT and Rarity updates.

Top Best SOL Crypto DeFi Projects!

The timestamping mechanism on which the Solana Blockchain runs isn’t entirely dependent on its over 1700 validators. Instead, the Solana Clusters perform the job of validating transactions, composed of 150 validators in each cluster.

This arrangement makes the blockchain perfect for staking crypto without worrying about volatility or rug-pull cases. So, here are the top SOL crypto DeFi projects leading the Solana Blockchain!

1. Orca


It is the quickest and most viable crypto exchange protocol on the Solana network, offering low-cost crypto conversion. Parallelly, users can also opt to join their trading pool by providing liquidity for earning a share of the platform trading fee.

2. Saber


It’s a cross-chain stablecoin exchange platform running on Solana to offer a liquidity foundation for stablecoins or cryptos whose values are pegged to another asset. It will observe market makers deposit cryptos in the Saber liquidity pool, which rewards them with earning passive yields on transaction fees, token-based incentives and DeFi strategies as per contracts.

3. Serum


It is a non-custodial Decentralized Exchange Platform built on Solana that is order-based without sacrificing quickness. It functions to add speed and conveniences of centralized exchanges to DeFi protocols while performing fully transparent and trustless.

Final Words

The emerging market of SOL NFT adjacent to Ethereum blockchain in the crypto space is yet to see celebrity purchases by the dozens. However, that is not a valid measure of success when considering its sporadic growth in the past twelve months.
So, watch this space to learn more about Solana blockchain progress and project launches. Further interested readers and investors of the SOL crypto network can please visit this link to navigate the Solana ecosystem!

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