Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy defines and concludes how “NFTsCryptoGuide” utilizes and guards any information that you provide whenever you visit this website.

“NFTsCryptoGuide” is committed to protecting your privacy, including the information that it may request from you, for primarily identifying you every time you visit and use this website and its constituent pages. You can trust that “NFTsCryptoGuide” will only use the information you agree to provide in agreement with the terms of this privacy policy statement. (The website is classed as a data controller under the ICO rules).

“NFTsCryptoGuide” may modify this policy and its terms as needed, followed by updating this page to make you familiar and aware of the new terms and other changes.

What We Collect

We may demand the following information from you for collection purposes:

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Information, Email Address(es)
  • Your Demographic Information, i.e., Postal Code, IP Address
  • Other types of information relevant to you and about you as a user and visitor of “NFTsCryptoGuide”

How We Use The Information We Obtain

The information acquired from you is vital for us to use to render you customized and relevant content and for the additional reasons as mentioned below:

  • Internal Visitor/User Record Management
  • Inquiry & Feedback Management of Customer(s)/User(s)
  • To supply you information regarding the latest crypto finance and NFT updates, suggestions, guides, and other corresponding details on cryptocurrencies, crypto NFT trades, etc.


We are invested in ensuring the security of your information. For averting any unauthorized access or unlawful disclosure of information, we accumulate and hold it a regulated data site where physical, managerial, and electronic procedures are established to follow standardized conduct for safeguarding any potential information that we may collect online.


Should you desire or decide to become anonymous to the “NFTsCryptoGuide” website, you do possess the capacity and privilege of initiating a request that could adhere to your demand by emailing it at “” to commence the process.

How We Use Cookies

Cookies function to enable the web application(s) belonging to a website to react to your singular or multiple operations individually. Once your permission has been obtained, we will proceed to store the cookies on your system’s hard drive, whose file sizes are marginally smaller and helps with website traffic analytics. In such a manner, we utilize cookies to gather your information for making the web applications and web page elements of our website adapt to suit your likes, requirements, and dislikes by remembering your specific preferences.

The traffic log cookies that exist on the page when you visit it are used for the purpose of identifying the frequency of pages that are being used the highest, in moderation, and the lowest. Performing this function enables us to analyze the data related to website traffic, through which we make improvements to our website for modifying it to meet the visitor’s needs better. The information acquired of this type is utilized solely for statistical analysis purposes, after which the data is discarded from the system.

Cookies enable us to deliver you better website performance by granting us the access to monitor which pages may be of significant interest to you and valuable over the others. Despite this, you should know that cookies do not provide us the ability to access your system entirely. They do not permit us to access any information other than your data that you consent to share with us.

You reserve the right to choose to decline or accept the cookies at your discretion. It is noteworthy to learn that some web browsers can accept cookies automatically, which can be modified into auto rejecting them by changing a few or more of your browser’s settings. However, committing such changes will restrict your ability to take complete advantage of the website, its components, and its various constituting elements.

Links to Other Websites

Our website can include and depict interactive links to other websites with identical, somewhat similar, or diverse interests. However, you must be aware that interacting with those links does not guarantee our control over them or any of their elements, including text, graphics, audio, etc., belonging to them. Hence, we can not be held liable for any loss or damage to the protection and privacy of your data that you may provide to such linked websites, and this privacy policy does not apply to them in any manner whatsoever. We advise you to maintain caution and read the privacy policy statement of those linked websites to protect your data, as it is solely your responsibility.

Controlling Your Personal Information

You do possess the ability and rights to control and restrict the collection of your personal data and information on our website. You may utilize the mediums listed below in the detailed manner provided below to exercise your right to control the sharing of your personal information with us:

In the event when you have previously agreed to allow us to use your personal information for your identification, you can demand us to stop sharing and using it at any time by stating your such demand(s) by writing to us or emailing them at “”

It is essential to learn that we do not participate in practices that will distribute, sell or lease your personal data and information to third parties when you opt to accept the cookies on our website.

You may also request the details of the information we have collected from you under the General Data Protection Regulations Act. Should you wish to obtain a copy of this information that we hold about you with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email at “”

For any and no particular reason(s), if you believe that the information and data we may have about you is incomplete or inaccurate, please write to us regarding this matter or email us at the earliest possible instance on the above-given email address. We will soon correct or discard any information and data on you that is identified to be inaccurate or incomplete.