NFT Kiosk: Buy NFT Easy Or Advertise in Metaverse!

Digital advancements like Web3 solutions are bringing innovation to the 21st-century. Its collective progress into realizing a Meta world into our reality appeals to each business sector, especially digital marketing. Since we already have modern, capable devices bringing the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences into the living rooms & meetings, surely an NFT Kiosk can thrive, correct?

nft kiosk

What is NFT Kiosk?

Like any Kiosk that can vend commodities such as newspapers, candies, etc., an NFT Kiosk can serve multiple purposes.

An NFT Kiosk allows users to purchase NFTs directly from the marketplace using their crypto cards or digital wallets.

Besides allowing users to purchase exclusive NFTs from the connected marketplace using the different supported modes of payments, the NFT Kiosks can also serve as an advertising platform.

Crypto NFT Kiosks for NFT Sales

Any NFT Creator can list or mint NFTs on their chosen marketplace, which could become accessible from the NFT Kiosk. However, it may be possible for some crypto Kiosks only to sell or feature specific NFT collections.

It is because the Kiosk manufacturers may have exclusive rights or partnerships with the NFT Creators or the NFT marketplace platforms.

Still, when you see one, there’s more than one way to make the best out of any NFT Kiosk!

Crypto NFT Kiosks for Advertising

Selling a visual space for advertisement is equally lucrative as selling a piece of art or any collectible item, real or otherwise, for ownership. The creators of the Metaverse, Decentraland, etc., will maximize their resources to create more opportunities – to lease or sell display areas.

An NFT Kiosk serves multiple purposes, allowing users to interact with services within the Metaverse while advertising products and services.

Does Metaverse have NFT Kiosk?

Of course, the Metaverse will have crypto NFT Kiosks at various places across the topography! Apart from the Metaverse, other similar Web3 projects offering AR & VR experiences are also planning to place NFT Kiosks in their digital virtual worlds.

Their aim, along with their respective individual strategy partner, would be to let users make exclusive NFT purchases and monetize their NFT Collections.

The same aim is also making numerous Web3 startups eye the Metaverse or Virtual Space Advertising market to make the best of the Marketing opportunities that will arise.

Popular NFT Kiosk in the Real Word and Metaverse!

Neon, an NFT Platform, was the first to introduce an NFT Vending Machine in the NYC area in Manhattan’s Financial District.

It accepts everything from debit & credit cards to crypto cards and even Samsung Pay and Apple Pay!

Finalizing their purchase will make the machine provide the user with a code, which they could redeem on the Neon platform for NFT.

Since then, many others have begun emphasizing the importance of such machines and NFTs in combination. Although the crypto Kiosks were already available, an NFT Kiosk can soon become a norm for established cities and locations.

Below are a few real-world and Virtual use cases of an NFT Kiosk for sales and advertising!

nft kiosk

PopCom NYC NFT Kiosk

The automated retail technology company PopCom which specializes in vending and kiosk solutions will leverage NFT Kiosk to promote Digital Art and its “In real life” NFTs. The sale will commence at NFT.NYC, featuring “The NYers” NFTs.

Offered NFTs for sale via the NFT Kiosk will feature cartoon portraits of Biggie, Mike Tyson, Jay-Z, Whoopi Goldberg, and Donald Trump. For the floor price of $500, the NFT collectors will receive an exclusive NFT and a high-quality physical print of the “NYers” collection.

The latter would also be dispensed from its NFT Kiosk as a QR code to ming Digital NFT. The purchases will also carry additional perks to be released later.

nft kiosk metaverse


The largest Virtual reality space, the Decentraland Metaverse pushing the Web3 adoption ahead, is an early adopter of NFT Kiosk. It has established advertising kiosks as a network across various locations. These locations also have their individual interior teleportation panel to allow users better mobility around the Metaverse Map.

nft kiosk

Somnium Space

Another popular Meta-Reality Virtual World based on Web3 blockchain technology, the Somnium Space, has plenty going for it. Among it all, it naturally hosts some dedicated crypto kiosks to add to its interactive capabilities while also making it lucrative for the project to feature NFT collections or advertisements.


The better popular Meta-Virtual Reality world known as Cryptovolxels, a Mobile Ethereum-based game also boasts dedicated Crypto NFT kiosks. Since approximately 92% of the internet users in the world, over 4 Trillion population, uses mobile devices, the virtual world can easily rake up fantastic revenue once the game grows its horizon in other global markets.


Can I buy someone an NFT?

Yes, it is possible to buy someone an NFT the same way it’s possible to Gift NFTs. You will need the receiver’s digital crypto wallet address for them to receive it without paying any gas fee or charges.

Can NFT be printed?

NFT owners can have their NFTs printed in 3D and realistic, high-quality prints via the Beyond Print platform. They use C-Type or Chromagenic printing, which utilizes silver halide, which helps give the NFTs a reflective 3D sheen. There are various other NFT printing options available on the Web.

Do NFT kiosks charge an extra gas fee?

Purchasing NFTs from a Kiosk may require the owner to pay an additional sum depending on the NFT collection’s terms or the kiosk’s manufacturer.

Most times, the Kiosks only dispense a code they can redeem towards an NFT purchase after completing the payment process. Hence, the platform offering the NFT redemption option may charge extra.

Where can I buy real NFT?

Numerous Web3 crypto blockchain NFT marketplaces offer real NFTs for sale. You can check out Decentraland, Foundation,, KnownOrigin, MakersPlace, Mintable, etc.

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