NFT Gaming: Bit Lodge Bit Hotel Becomes Metaverse Vacation Spot!

In the world of virtualization, where crypto-blockchain technologies are pushing the boundaries of possibilities, a new Vacation spot arrives! Bit Lodge within the Metaverse has been named THE Vacation Spot and has been created to offer NFT Gaming possibilities.

The Web3 community is naturally thrilled at the opportunity to offer recreational GameFi service, but is there more? Indeed! Read on to learn more about how Bit Lodge Bit Hotel is perfect for vacationers globally!

What is NFT Gaming?

After the rise of cryptocurrencies backed by blockchain technology, industries are adapting to innovation, with the gaming industry following suit.

NFT Gaming

NFT Gaming term is associated with games running Play2Earn models for their gameplay where the user game progression could allow them to earn NFTs. Such games could also offer cryptocurrencies in the form of in-game crypto tokens that any user could exchange between themselves via P2P transactions.

An alternative term for NFT Gaming is GameFi, wherein the game finance is based on a blockchain ledger on which game data is stored. Such games allow users to interact with each other as usual, besides offering them opportunities to earn cryptos.

Commonly Known GameFi Services

Several GameFi projects have already been launched in the Web3 space, with Axie Infinity being the leading example of the same. Apart from it, other P2E games like Ninneko have also recorded notable traffic figures upwards of millions of monthly users.

NFT Gaming in Bit Lodge Bit Hotel

The Bit Lodge is a web-based social NFT sport within the vacation spot Bit Hotel in the Metaverse. Both recognize and use the Bit Lodge Coin (BTH) as their in-game foreign money to offer varied services to guests and members.

It has been reported to be the first to offer social-first P2E gaming in the Metaverse, where users can also acquire NFTs. These will also have in-game useability to include characters, rooms, furniture, and other artifacts carrying their separate perks.

Earn Bit Tokens (BTH)

The Bit Hotel offers the global audience another benefit of interacting with it in Metaverse by rewarding BTH tokens. These tokens are the native cryptocurrency of the Bit Hotel, whose uses extend beyond making purchases within the Bit Lodge.

NFT Gaming

Users could exchange them for fiat money by using their crypto wallets along with a CEX or DEX platform. Hence, the earning potential offered by Bit Hotel is multiple, besides allowing users to own, lease, or rent digital real estate in Metaverse.

Functionalities of NFT Gaming in the Bit Lodge Bit Hotel

The uses mentioned above for the Bit Hotel NFTs are further explained below, whose overview includes the following:

NFT Gaming
  • Bit Hotel Rooms & Common Rooms are open social Chat Rooms
  • Chat rooms let users hang out, communicate and socialize with each other
  • Users can engage in mini-games within the Chat Room
  • The Mini-game rewards are delivered via the BTH native cryptocurrency.
  • Guests can redeem in-game assets in exchange for the BTH cryptocurrency.
  • Users can cash out of the Mini Games to receive BTH crypto rewards directly.

The Takeaway

The concept of Bit Hotel within the NFT Gaming sector is fantastic in terms of its scalability. Over time, these rooms can be utilized to host social events or music concerts or even as NFT galleries. Simultaneously, allowing users to make BTH tokens while spending time in the room is a positive model to raise the value of its native crypto and incentivize its members to make money.


Q. What is BitHotel?

It is a first-of-its-kind Social-first Play 2 Earn NFT Gaming Metaverse where users can earn Bit Hotel (BTH) tokens. By participating in Mini-games or socially competing with other members within its rooms, they can also acquire NFTs and other in-game rewards.

Q. How Can I Buy Bit Hotel NFT?

Visit the Bit Hotel page and click on the Get NFTs page, to access the marketplace. Don’t forget to click on the complete transaction button to finalize your purchase(s).

Q. Can I Buy BitHotel Tokens?

Visit CoinMarketCap and search for the BitHotel Tokens (BTH), then click the Market button. The results should provide you with a preview of where you can purchase BTH tokens and currency pair options.

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