Green Token Crypto Overview: What is GreenToken Blockchain?

GreenToken by SAP solutions is a promising world revolutionizing blockchain technology that can benefit the logistics and retail industries. But What is Green Token Crypto? Is it another Altcoin or Stablecoin emerging in a volatile environment?

What is Green Token?

Green Token Crypto

The Green Token Crypto Blockchain is a blockchain services platform developed by SAP. It functions to allow industries to convert their materials or their batches into tokens for tracking purposes. Such tokens can also function to make the supply chain more efficient besides making it traceable.

Green Token Crypto has a unique digital twin blockchain approach for making commodities traceable and exchangeable. Its applications are rewarding for six primary global industry sectors like Chemicals, Agriculture, Energy, Metals, Carbon, and Supplies.

Green Token Crypto Blockchain Functionalities

The GreenToken Blockchain offers end-to-end material traceability that industries with long value chains can use to manage raw materials better. It can function to support or build a credible chain of custody, thereby improving communication and accountability.

1. Multi-Fact Tokens

The raw materials can each be registered to separate tokens on which information can be added in the form of appending data. Added information can further be appended while the token moves between different business units, improving data logging and commodity logistics tracking.

2. Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Platform

The GreenToken Blockchain can function as a Saas Platform where it allows users to track the materials from origin to their virtual segregation and ahead. The platform can benefit everyone, from identity preserved to segregated supply chains, by providing services that negate the need to batch items.

Green Token Crypto

3. Cloud-based

All GreenToken blockchain operations are cloud-based, whose scalability is improving with its greater adoption. Backing up information can be entirely eliminated on local systems since the cloud-based blockchain data remains immutable.

4. Independent of SAP Systems

Industries that are not existing SAP clients can still make use of the blockchain, which has its own coins available for governance matters. Beyond it, the GreenToken Crypto can independently handle data policies to limit or share confidential information between supply chain levels.

Applications of Green Token Blockchain by SAP

Green Token Crypto blockchain developed by SAP can solve critical issues in industries that rely on long-chain supplies. Furthermore, its applications can also benefit brands focused on sustainability in publicly showcasing their recycling chain. The several additional core benefits of using the GreenToken Blockchain are as follows:

Green Token Crypto

1. Better Transparency

By virtually segregating sustainable products, organizations can better differentiate between them and their commonalities in material management. The same can also be applied to the credentials that can be shared between parties for completely transparent or partial access useability.

2. Better Management

The initial material can be recorded on the GreenToken Blockchain platform along with details of its origin and other CoC data. This step creates a ‘digital twin’ that can be sent to the processor, who then triggers a Token-transfer.

Similarly, multiple levels of token transfer yields can be configured on the blockchain. All in all, it facilitates showcasing actual product circulation and use, whose correct management can help to increase circularity.

3. Efficient Audit Reporting

Organizations can mass balance principle accounts for materials providers and processors for every Kg of material within the supply chain. This data can also include shrink and conversion losses to portray collaboration better.

While the good actors in the chain can also be incentivized using the GreenTokens, this data can also be shared with stakeholders besides being beneficial for audit purposes.

4. Brand Enhancement

Brands with a global footprint and retail market can go from claiming to proving their measures towards environmental sustainability using GreenToken. By presenting the supply chain immutable data to the public, brands can offer factual truth with transparency, enhancing their value in the market.

Lastly, since the blockchain records the data between complete Source, Aggregation, Processing, and Final product channels, earning public trust becomes easier to attract conscious consumers.

Final Words

The early adopters of the Green Token Crypto blockchain contain names of some notable manufacturers, including Unilever, among others. Although the blockchain is yet to acquire more clientele, the premise and the concept are genuinely revolutionary.

Hence, it’s a matter of time until other companies like TSMC and other giant corporations adopt and implement such blockchain technologies in their business models.


Q. What is Green Token?

The GreenToken Crypto Blockchain is developed by SAP as a multi-token Saas Platform with a digital twin approach. The GreenToken blockchain offers highly safe and transparent supply chain management application solutions, not to be confused with the Green Token Crypto coins.

Q. How Much is the Green Tokens Worth?

The GreenToken blockchain and GREEN coins are different and non-connected to each other. Pricing of the latter at the time of writing is $0.00022, whereas the GreenToken Blockchain products are, as of now, available only to businesses.

Q. How to Buy Green Token?

GreenToken blockchain should not be confused with GREEN coins which are independent of the Saas Platform developed by SAP. Anyone interested in purchasing Green Token (Green Coin) can obtain them from a CEX or DEX platform.

Q. Can I Trade Green Token?

Investors can trade GREEN (coin) tokens, but they are in no way connected to the GreenToken Blockchain.

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