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Figment Country Club Metaverse Country Spaces Announced!

The Singapore-based boutique hospitality company Figment (est. 2018) will offer Figment Country Club Metaverse to Global Citizens.

Figment Country Club Enters Metaverse

The latest development into the virtual crypto world called Metaverse is brought by a Singapore-based company called Figment. It has announced its entry into Web3 by launching the Figment Country Club, a new means of owning and living on the cloud.

The company already does its business by offering a stylish collection of leasable shophouses within the co-living sector. The aim behind the project is to provide global citizens with living country spaces that are borderless accessible 24×7.

Figment Country Club Metaverse

California Case Study Houses Inspired Metaverse Country

The Figment Country Spaces are being designed by drawing inspiration from the California Case Study Houses, by Czech-based virtual designers. The theme of it being – reimagined confines of uninspiring meeting spaces with simplicity.

Figment Country Club Metaverse Citizenship via NFTs

The Metaverse project will feature the NFT display in the ground floor salon of the inaugural Singapore House that will launch later by Q3 2022. Parallel to it, NFTs will be the key to acquiring ownership of the FIgment Country Spaces.

NFT owners of the spaces will be called Founding Citizens by acquiring one or more of the 10,000 limited-edition carbon-neutral Citizenship NFTs. Still, no one member could entirely own the club because the ownership and governance authority will be split between all the members.

Figment Country Club Metaverse

Figment Citizenship NFTs Ownership & Management Regulations

While the citizenship NFTs are already featured on the Figment website, it comes with several special perks. Owners of those NFTs will play a key role in designing the virtual nation along with gaining participation in activities related to early governance and direction of the Czech Country Club.

Additionally, the more Citizenship NFTs the owners will possess, the higher votes they may receive. However, the sale of them is presently limited to one per new citizen at subsidized rates to secondary market costs.

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