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Crypto News Today – DOGE Trading at 78,000% Above Its Lowest!

Crypto News Daily: Crypto Today continues to appear pessimistic, yet the infamous dogecoin is rallying higher, by more than 78,000% of its mark!

  • Crypto Analysts affirm that DOGE has grown by 40% since April 2022.

» Memecoin DOGE Crypto token Rockets Higher!

As per data, DOGE has grown over 15% in January, and its April growth amidst the ongoing crypto bloodbath reflects positive investment opportunities. The Memecoin regained a new life after Elon Musk announced he would continue to support it earlier this year.

» More Crypto News Today!

crypto news

→ Transak Thailand Enables Crypto Trading Using Local Payment Options!

The crypto exchange firm onboarded its latest payment integration service into its app operating in Thailand. The Web3 service will let Thailand citizens buy cryptocurrencies, crypto tokens, and digital assets via credit cards, debit cards, Bangkok iPay, Mobile Banking, etc.

  • Transak confirms dApps are gaining popularity in the SEA (South-East Asia) region.
  • Transak considers expansion to additional SEA countries while working on onboarding more local payment options.

→ CFTC Charges SA Crypto Firm with Largest $1.7 Billion Bitcoin Fraud

The South Africa-based crypto firm Mirror Trading International Proprietary Limited, with Cornelius Johannes Steynberg, is reportedly charged with Bitcoin fraud and registration violations.

As per Crypto World news, the founder is alleged to have indulged in a fraudulent multi-level marketing scheme, duping $1.7B worth of bitcoins from 23k investors.

  • Steynberg is purported to have traded off-exchange, retail foreign currency on a leveraged, margined, and/or financed basis.
  • Steynberg is also alleged to have made fraudulent omissions of material facts in solicitations, alongside misappropriating pool funds.
  • CFTC seeks full restitution to defrauded investors, permanent registration, and a trading ban against future violations of the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC Regulations.
  • Steynberg has been detained in Brazil on an Interpol arrest warrant on behalf of South African law enforcement.

→ Krayon Announces Wallet-As-a-Service with Krayon WaaS API Launch!

The freshly released suite of developer tools will allow developers to create robust cross-chain functioning payment systems using the Krayon WaaS API. Third-party developers are granted tracking and security capability. The MPC-based wallet service offers the following features:

  • Hold digital assets, reconcile transactions, and perform aggregate trading across multiple crypto exchanges.
  • Additional features support also includes implementing mass crypto payments for all connected parties.
  • The offered crypto-to-fiat exchange tools will accept transactions from 160 countries at the best possible rates obtained from 2 different international exchanges.

Crypto Sale Today – July 13th, 2022

On the global crypto market, the top cryptocurrencies prices or crypto today reflect the following figures:

crypto news
  • (BTC) Bitcoin
    • Average Price: $19,511.56
    • 24h: + 0.12% ↑
  • (ETH) Ethereum
    • Average Price: $1,058.05
    • 24h: + 0.23% ↑
  • (BNB) Binance Coin
    • Average Price: $224.09
    • 24h: + 0.15% ↑
  • (XRP) Ripple
    • Average Price: $0.316
    • 24h: + 0.42% ↑
  • (ADA) Cardano
    • Average Price: $0.4339
    • 24h: + 0.19% ↑
  • (SOL) Solana
    • Average Price: $33.22
    • 24h: + 0.20% ↑

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