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Crypto News Daily – Hacker Demands 10 BTC for Stolen 26 TB Citizen Data!

Crypto News Daily: The stolen Chinese Citizen data from a couple of weeks ago has resurfaced over a demand by an Anonymous Hacker. Originally belonging to the Chinese Shanghai Police Database, the Hacker demands 10 BTC for the 26 TB of stolen data.

  • Binance’s CEO urges crypto exchange platforms to improve their security measures.

» Hacker Demands 10 BTC for Stolen Chinese Citizen Data of 26 TB!

Crypto today news certainly gets interesting after a tweet confirms the Gigantic civilian data leak available on the Aliyun (Alibaba) private cloud server. The data reportedly contains citizens’ personal details like names, addresses, phone numbers, national IDs, criminal information, etc.

  • Hacker revealed certain parts of the data with his demand, whose authenticity is confirmed by @ZeyiYang & Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.
  • CEO adds his company’s threat intelligence team detected someone offering to sell data of billions of Chinese citizens on DarkNet.
  • The cause of the data breach is alleged to be a bug in an ElasticSearch deployment by a gov agency.
  • While the Chinese authorities are yet to make a statement, the demand for $200,000 ~ 10BTC by the Anonymous Hacker is deemed correct from dependable sources.

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→ Survey Shows a Quarter of US Crypto investors used Loans!

Amid the already looming crisis of the Global Recession on worldwide economies, a survey reveals US crypto investors are using loans. The data states a quarter of US citizens have been borrowing money and defaulting on their bills.

  • A DebtHammer survey reflects over 21% of crypto investors have indulged in such practices, 15% of which have taken personal loans to invest in crypto.
  • Other means for making crypto investments include payday loans, title loans, mortgage refinances, home equity loans, and even leftover student loan funds to acquire crypto.
  • Still, only 12% of crypto inventors have stated they struggle to pay such bills or are worried about eviction.
  • Additionally, 35% of crypto investors have confirmed using credit cards to make crypto investments.

→ Cardano To Soon Bring hard-fork Vasil Upgrade!

Late yesterday, the Cardano Vasil update went live on their Testnet. It is touted to enhance the performance and capability of the Cardano network.

  • Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) reported the announcement via a Tweet.
  • The Vasil update shall improve on adjusting and optimizing the script validation process.
  • The successful upgrade can offer higher and quicker transaction processing rates backed by improving block propagation consistency.
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» Crypto Sale Today – July 5th, 2022

On the global crypto market, the top cryptocurrencies prices or crypto today reflect the following figures:

  • (BTC) Bitcoin
    • Average Price: $20,311
    • 24h: + 6.15% ↑
  • (ETH) Ethereum
    • Average Price: $1,158
    • 24h: + 9.80% ↑
  • (BNB) Binance Coin
    • Average Price: $234.73
    • 24h: + 8.16% ↑
  • (XRP) Ripple
    • Average Price: $0.3271
    • 24h: + 2.67% ↑
  • (ADA) Cardano
    • Average Price: $0.468
    • 24h: + 4.04% ↑
  • (SOL) Solana
    • Average Price: $35.92
    • 24h: + 9.35% ↑

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