8 Best Crypto Credit Cards & Debit Cards for June 2022!

Everyone wants in on the crypto boom who believes cryptos can get lucrative while being as volatile as they come. But you have options if you worry about being held back by capital or simply want to live the crypto lifestyle! Crypto Credit Cards and Debit Cards already exist and come with exciting benefits too!

What is A Crypto Card?

Owning crypto is not limited to using a crypto exchange platform and your fiat money in 2022. Interested users can acquire crypto credit cards to use cryptos or digital assets to make purchases against goods or services. But, the benefits do not end there, as there are several things that the best crypto card can do!

A Crypto Credit Card can let cardholders spend cryptocurrency and earn crypto rewards!

However, one must note that crypto credit cards can differ in terms of how they process and manage crypto transactions. Moreover, several types of crypto credit cards exist whose magnitudes of use cases could vary.

Crypto Credit Cards

Similarly, Crypto Debit Cards allow users to access their cryptocurrencies easily. Mostly, they are provided by the Crypto Digital Wallet platforms, apart from some regional banks in countries where Cryptos have legal recognition.

What a Crypto Card Isn’t!

A Crypto Card is not always the same as your Digital Wallet that you can use to own crypto because most portfolios and crypto exchange platforms don’t support it. Furthermore, owning crypto credit cards or any form of a crypto card may be illegal, depending on where you live.

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8 Best Crypto Credit Cards & Debit Crypto Cards in June 2022

Becoming a crypto credit cardholder or a debit cardholder allows you to own or spend crypto without indulging in the hassles of managing it using another digital wallet. Beyond this basic functionality, the best crypto card can also offer loyalty programs by partnering with digital platforms to offer exclusive returns that may be redeemable against cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Credit Cards

1. BlockFi Rewards Signature Card

In the vast sea of companies offering crypto credit cards, the BlockFi Rewards Signature Card provides more benefits than most. Besides offering Visa Signature Benefits, which lets the cardholders access concierge services and access to places and events, the card regards them with fixed 1.5% returns on all crypto spends.

The holder can switch between their preferred cryptocurrency per month, which follows how rewards will be paid back to them. Supporting all the major and other cryptocurrencies, owning the card inevitably requires opening a BlockFi account, but there’s no annual or foreign transaction fee on any spending.

A fixed reward limit applies on the returns at up to $500 Bitcoin per month, but new users get 2% returns on spending over $50k in a calendar year. One must also note that the BlockFi crypto credit card restricts balance transfers to other crypto cards or digital wallets, whereas holders could move the rewards either way.

Crypto Credit Cards

2. Gemini Crypto Credit Card

Gemini is a known name in the crypto market, and the best crypto credit card it offers can become your quick payment solution! It supports over 50+ cryptos, and the card returns 1% on all crypto spends, but that’s not it!

The holders can get up to 3% returns on dining spending until $6k, after which it reverts to 1%, whereas for groceries, it offers 2% returns all year round. What’s better is that the rewards are paid on a daily basis, without charging any Annual fee or even Foreign Transaction fees!

However, against all these positives, a few grey lines which may make customers look the other way is their lack of a Welcome offer and a sizeable waiting list. As if that wasn’t enough, the High APR (12.99% – 23.99%) combined with limited Crypto Rewards may be a deal-breaker for some.

Crypto Credit Cards

3. SoFi Credit Card

When you need to own the maximum benefits from any crypto credit cards in the market, pick SoFi. Its investment, savings, or checking account holders receive 2% unlimited rewards on purchases, following multiple redemption options like unlocking reduced APR by 1% annually.

Other benefits include never paying annual and foreign transaction fees while receiving up to $1000 cell phone protection. But, the cream of the crust of obtaining a SoFi card is the World Elite Mastercard benefits it offers, which are inclusive of a ShopRunner Membership.

On the other hand, there are no additional exclusive bonus reward categories, no welcome offers for non-existing SoFi account holders, and a high regular APR (13.74% to 25.74%) for those of you who carry over balances.

Crypto Credit Cards

4. Upgrade Bitcoins Rewards Visa

Investors seeking flat cashback rewards should find the Bitcoins Reward card as their best crypto credit option. The card provides 1.5% bitcoin rewards on every payment, but it takes 1-2 statement periods to receive them. Besides this, the card does not demand annual or foreign transaction fees while providing credit between $500-$25k, depending on the profile.

Alternatively, the lack of welcome offers and high APR may deter most, which are also dragged by bitcoin rewards being credited at market value. Furthermore, selling the bitcoins earlier would cost you 1.5% of transaction fees deducted from the sale.

Presently, the card remains unavailable for the residents of 7 US States, namely Hawaii, New Hampshire, Iowa, North Carolina, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

5. Coinbase Debit Card

The Coinbase crypto exchange platform offers it, and many reasons make it the best crypto card. Purchasing assets with this card is possible via the capital on your Coinbase account in the form of cash, crypto, and stablecoins. However, while making purchases easier, managing those transactions’ tax implications could become a hassle.

Offering fluctuating rewards ratio, which changes every month, it might just be what some investors need. Otherwise, earning up to 4% on purchases is always possible, unlike what any best crypto credit card offers. But, you can easily swap your crypto reward against any other crypto asset using the Coinbase exchange platform.

6. Crypto.Com Debit Card

So what if you cannot secure the best crypto credit card? You can still have one of the best debit cards! The offered debit crypto cards are available in five tiers, four of which offer the holders rewards on purchases. Each of the four tiers can be made better to secure better rewards by staking CRO tokens on the platform.

The staking activity rewards the user with 8% CRO returns per month in addition to making 5% returns on debit purchases. However, only staling upwards of $400,000 CRO tokens unlocks the highest reward ratio along with some streaming subscription benefits.

But, there’s also a cap on monthly rewards collection between $400 to $40,000 CRO monthly, which may make it less extraordinary to own.

7. Binance Visa Card

The next best crypto card you could own is a debit card offered by Binance as their Binance Visa Card. Its initial release is in partnership with Swipe in 2020, providing up to 8% cashback! While it demands no annual or foreign transaction fees, it does take 0.9% transaction fees per withdrawal and transaction.

The list of supported cryptos includes the market’s major players and others, totaling up to 30 supported cryptocurrencies. You can use this card wherever the merchant accepts Visa. By converting of the crypto balance in your wallet when you make a transaction, the card works nearly anywhere. It is best for crypto holders who anticipate obtaining rewards in Bitcoin.

8. BitPay Debit Card

The only crypto debit card to offer better flexibility is the Bitpay Debit Card. It connects with your BitPay non-custodial wallet or Coinbase account while supporting up to 13 crypto assets. Of course, it supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. Therefore, the holders can use it anywhere in-store, online, and at millions of Mastercard-supported locations and ATMs.

Its app also lets users better manage their crypto assets within their Trezor and Metamask wallets. Similarly, the app is useful for adding funds, freezing your card, and tracking transactions. The card offers a $10,000 spending limit and a daily total cash balance limit of $20k. It is suitable for everyone looking to add a crypto convenience to their Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations.

The Takeaway

The decision to own between crypto credit cards and debit cards can be relative to your needs and circumstances. But, one should also note that possessing the best crypto card may not always guarantee special crypto rewards. Being a cardholder of either type is both a responsibility and an opportunity to manage your crypto investments. So use them wisely!


Which credit card is best for cryptocurrency?

Various crypto credit cards are provided in the market by different lenders. Hence, the best for cryptocurrency usage or storage depends on the primary need of the holder. Users seeking better rewards per purchase can get BlockFi or BitPat Credit cards and debit cards, apart from others with differing individual benefits.

Is there a cryptocurrency credit card?

Numerous crypto exchange platforms and banks offer crypto cards, which include many best crypto credit cards. Such cards offer the user Visa or Mastercard benefits besides offering them high reward options on purchases and storing cryptos. Furthermore, cryptocurrency credit cards also allow users to make withdrawals and the possibility to earn rewards in bitcoin and other cryptos.

What credit card is accepted by crypto com?

The crypto exchange platform and a staking platform allow users to purchase crypto using their Visa or Mastercard debit cards and credit cards. However, the residents may be charged a 2.99% commission fee on a minimum purchase requirement of $20.

How do I get a crypto debit card?

It is easy in 2022 to get a crypto debit card with numerous lenders in the market. Each of them offers the holders the exciting best crypto card benefits, like high rewards, zero annual fees, the ability to store crypto, and so on. You can sign up for a crypto debit card by visiting and signing up on the lender’s website, such as, Coinbase, BitPay, etc.

How does the crypto card work?

Such cards work similarly to other cards by providing returns on purchases or spending made via the card. But what sets crypto credit cards and debit cards apart from typical plastic money options is letting users pay with their cryptos, even for fiat transactions. Some cards also allow their holders to load cryptos into them to be used as prepaid cards.

Is crypto card free?

Most crypto credit cards available in the market are offered without demanding a signup charge. Furthermore, they may offer zero annual fees, zero-interest foreign transaction fees, and other benefits. Hence, a crypto card is free but can have high APR interest rates, which one should not overlook.

What are the benefits of a crypto card?

Owning the best crypto credit card offers several advantages, like not paying annual or transaction fees while earning crypto rewards per transaction. Some lenders also offer reimbursement for purchases while offering limited free ATM withdrawals and using crypto to make fiat money purchases.

What is the point of a crypto debit card?

The best crypto card is considered to be a debit card because users can load cryptos into them and use them like prepaid cards. Using them, a holder can make online purchases, even from merchants that do not accept crypto payments.

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