Crypto AR: Best Upcoming Blockchain AR Projects in 2022!

The giants in the tech industry, like Microsoft and IBM, are already working on bringing the next-gen blockchain-based products to the audience. Parallelly, firms like Meta are also focused on developing VR services, but that’s not all. While the Crypto AR market is comparatively new, it’s not uncharted territory for Web3 enthusiasts!

There are many prospects for Blockchain AR projects that can redefine and shape the modern lifestyle in the 21st century. Among them are some globally operating platforms and Web3 companies who are excited about making Virtual turn into Real!

PS. If you’re thinking of AR Crypto Game releases, we have some good news for you!

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What is Crypto AR?

Discovering what crypto AR is concept-wise becomes essential because it’s the foundation of numerous upcoming Web3 projects.

Crypto AR Projects are Web3 products and services built to harness the Augmented Reality functionality to offer immersive experiences.

Simultaneously, it’s not a given for the above types of projects to exist in a similar capacity or operability as with Blockchain AR projects. Therefore, while it’s possible that some Web3 projects may offer both AR Crypto and Blockchain VR functionality, it’s not granted that they always co-exist.

→ Why Blockchain Crypto AR is Different from Crypto VR?

It is possible sometimes for people to confuse Augmented with Virtual Reality, and in the crypto world, they share several differences besides a few similarities.

For example, a Blockchain AR Crypto App allows users to visualize how an asset appears in the real world! A similar application built for crypto VR functionality and purpose would behave differently instead. The latter will allow users to interact directly with the virtual world using a supported device.

Likewise, an AR Crypto Game can let players bring the game characters into the real world using supported devices. In contrast, a VR Crypto Game enables the user to engage in the game world where they can perform various actions.

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Best Upcoming Crypto AR Blockchain Projects in 2022!

After gaining a better understanding of the capacity in which crypto AR projects can exist, let’s see some real examples. Again, remember, it’s not essential for the projects mentioned below to natively offer crypto Augmented Reality experiences via Blockchain AR services.

1. OverTheReality [OVER]

The Web3 company Over has been working on building a Decentralized Crypto AR Multiverse, where it offers geolocalized experiences. So far, the project has sold over 842k land layers, with their Augmented Reality Crypto App downloaded over 600k times between 861k registered users.

Crypto AR

Project Roadmap showcases various positives within its first two-quarters of operation. From having a live marketplace to releasing an SDK builder for developers, the project is growing steadily, also offering Wallet/App/Account integration with credit card payments and more.

2. Cappasity [CAPP]

The Cappasity platform offers to solve the need for creating and embedding 3D and VR/AR content for businesses and creators. Its ecosystem has its native Augmented Reality Shopping Crypto App, besides providing services like content storage, CAPP Wallet, API & SDK, free utilities, and learning modules.

Crypto AR

Their native ERC-20 standard CAPP tokens exist on the Ethereum blockchain, functioning as a payment solution for the Platform Services. The Cappasity platform collectively provides AR Shopping experiences for businesses, among its other products, which are inclusive of providing VR tools and apps.


Today, the VibeHub ecosystem houses multiple nifty Web3 products after launching its Crypto AR App for mobiles in 2019. Its Decentralized VIBENet platform is yet to become publicly available, yet it is already connected to the Blockchain AR and GameFi services it provides.

Their AR projects extend to their Vibe NFT marketplace, where users can purchase AR-enabled NFTs for VIBE tokens. Don’t own any VIBE tokens? No worries! The VIBENet platform will offer decentralized crypto exchange solutions for instant and atomic transactions with No Gas Fees.

Additionally, VibeHub already offers from VIBENet DAPPS, VIBENet Wallet, VIBE SDK, and more, which all aid their AR Crypto Game VIBE OR DIE on PC.

Crypto AR

4. Magic Leap (AT&T-Owned)

Magic Leap is a known name in the AR industry because of the launch of their product called Magic Leap One. It offered users a head-mounted virtual retinal display that superimposes 3D images or models over real-world objects. However, the company currently only offers its AR products to businesses.

It makes the list of Crypto AR projects because it has been instrumental in offering several businesses with Augmented Reality solutions that also want to incorporate blockchain technology into their operations. The Magic Leap is backed by AT&T, representing them in the USA region, after the latter invested in the company in early 2018.

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Final Words

The race to develop the best next-gen Blockchain AR solution is already on, with emerging Web3 startups receiving enormous funding from giants like az16, Binance, etc., in the crypto industry. Amidst all the developments to integrate Augmented Reality and Blockchain seamlessly, the Crypto AR NFTs will play a major role in progressing both the Augmented Reality and the Blockchain industry.


Who is leading in Blockchain AR technology?

Numerous tech giants have ongoing projects in the AR technology space, alongside Web3 startups building AR blockchain solutions for NFT marketplaces, games, etc. The leader in the AR industry is presently Apple, followed by Microsoft, which has already invested in developing Metaverse projects.

Is Crypto AR and AR Cryptos the same?

No. Crypto AR refers to Augmented Reality solutions using crypto services like Web3 companies offering Blockchain AR products. On the other hand, AR Cryptos are Arweaver Network tokens known as AR Tokens.

Which is the Best AR Crypto Game?

Several notable titles are featured within the AR Crypto Game genre, wherein the VIBE OR DIE game leads the charts. Its native Blockchain ecosystem lets players exchange their VIBE cryptos on the VIBENet dex platform, besides using them to purchase VIBE AR NFTs.

Do AR NFTs exist?

Yes. The modern solutions offered by Web3 AR companies already have special Crypto Apps that help users bring NFTs into the real world! VIBE NFTs are a good example, alongside the Cappasity AR crypto app that enhances the shopping experience.

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