CertiK Audit Blockchain Co. Creating a Safer Web3 Crypto Market!

The emerging projects on the crypto market are growing by the day, as are cases of scams and rug pulls. Here, having a company like CertiK Audit performing audits of such projects is affirming, helping create a safer Web3 environment.

So, let’s glance at an overview of CertiK Blockchain Company and how it makes Web3 safe for global users!

What is CertiK Audit?

Certik by Certik Foundation is the organization’s name that performs the famed CertiK Audit(s) for DeFi and other Web3 projects. It is a non-profit research-driven organization that makes blockchain technologies trustworthy for global audiences and companies.

CertiK Chain a.k.a Shentu Chain

Assisting their aim is their own software project called Certik Chain, now known as Shentu Chain. It facilitates offering developers safeguards and coding flexibility for better blockchain adoption and integrations.

CertiK Audit

The Shentu Chain is a security-oriented blockchain that also offers security products like ShetuShield, Shentu Security Oracle, DeepWallet, Shentu Certified Virtual Machine, etc. Together these products create a security-first technology stack that can be leveraged for creating or keeping blockchains safer.

CertiK Web3 Security Audits

In the world of crypto and Digital Asset market, projects need to showcase their trustworthiness. Having it can ensure to drive the audience’s purchase decision to the sales of their NFTs or crypto tokens.

Hence, CertiK has partnered with Binance to create a safer crypto space and is itself valued at over $2 Billion. It offers end-to-end security alongside auditing, 24/7 threat monitoring, and KYC services to companies launching Web3 technologies. But, there’s more!

What Does a Certik Audit Do?

As most audits happen in companies to check their operational authenticity and other means, Certik Audits for Blockchains perform the following:

CertiK Audit
  • Checking for Malicious Code
  • Pre-Deployment Verification of Smart Contracts
  • Checking Smart Contracts Vulnerabilities
  • Checking Blockchain & Web3 Protocols
  • On-chain 24/7 Active Security Monitoring (Skynet)
  • KYC & Fraud Investigation

What Does a Certik Audit Ensure for Web3 Technologies?

A Certik Crypto Audit, after its completion, can be enormously beneficial for DeFi projects, web3 projects, or crypto blockchains. CertiK has protected over $310 billion worth of crypto assets for well over 3,200 enterprise clients.

After delivering over +1500 secure audit certificates to various companies and projects, it is today the leading critical blockchain cybersecurity company in the crypto industry. Here’s how its audits benefit the crypto industry.

CertiK Audit

1. Enable Trustworthy Transactions

An approved audit report by CertiK makes the investors and companies have more trust in the Web3 platform. It allows for having better chances of acquiring and completing transactions since the process is vetted by an industry expert.

2. Automate Secure Smart Contracts

Trading NFTs or cryptos from a certik crypto authenticated marketplace or Exchange platform allows near-zero chances of failures. It also means that the Smart Contract protocol will likely not be faulty, thereby preventing users from paying unnecessarily high crypto fees.

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3. Better DeFi Lending/Trading

A DeFi platform that has completed a CertiK audit can confidently acquire investors and traders, using the CertiK approved seal, to market themselves positively. Such platforms are checked for fraudulent protocols, whose null existence equals confirmed dependability and adherence to the stated norms.

The Takeaway

The CertiK Audit has successfully launched numerous Web3 projects, including Polygon, SandBox, Decentraland, etc. Today it has already established its name as a standard in the crypto market of trust and security.
Any project with a certik token exchange interoperability or the badge of CertiK approved will receive better recognition for authenticity. Such recognition will naturally go a long way in attracting more traffic and sales.


Q. What does a CertiK audit mean?

A Certik Crypto audit means checking the Web3 platform against fraudulent elements, malicious code, and other vulnerabilities. Platforms that may encounter any such activities during the CertiK audit will automatically lose the CertiK approval of security.

Q. How does CertiK audit work?

CertiK audit deploys modern technologies to check for vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts, blockchain protocols, and code architecture. Its Quickscan product can check Smart Contract vulnerabilities in less than 60 minutes, while the complete audit may take less than 48 hours.

Q. What is CertiK blockchain?

The CertiK Blockchain leverages AI technology to monitor and protect blockchain smart contracts and protocols. It features several applications and protocols that function to improve blockchain efficiency while improving its security. The certik token is a part of it.

Q. How Long is CertiK Audit?

The entire CertiK audit process can last up to 48 hours, during which the company applications checks for vulnerabilities in the blockchain, its protocols, and smart contracts.

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