Best NFT Marketplace & NFT Art Auction Houses For Rare Collectibles

The soaring popularity of NFT has already made quite many headlines across different platforms and regions in the world. The simple activity of collecting valuable items and information has adapted to today’s digital advancements and evolved into the form of NFTs that you can buy or sell like an asset.

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As for the rest who are already partially enlightened or familiar with the term Non-Fungible Token, know it to be a legitimate way to make lucrative money. The transactions are transparent yet anonymous but still secure while taking place beyond the reach or limitations set by a central authority.

Blockchain marketplaces make it possible to allow such transactions in exchange for cryptocurrencies or fiat money by serving as a type of NFT gateway between the buyers and the sellers. Let’s look into the best NFT marketplace and NFT auction gateways that offer exclusive collectibles of different styles and forms!

Best NFT Marketplace

Immensely Esteemed NFT Trading Platforms and Websites Selling NFT Art

The global NFT market collectively saw transactions worth over $250 million in the previous year, which grew the market over ten times since its inception to amass nearly $22 billion in the first quarter itself.

The following listed NFT marketplace collectively exceeded 90,000 sales to date and are currently helping make global NFT transactions possible for millions of users worldwide:

  1. Nifty Gateway

One of the all-time most famous pieces of NFT sold was through an auction hosted by none other than Nifty Gateway. It hosted the sale of ‘CROSSROAD,’ which sold for a record-breaking $6.6 million, which boosted the platform’s esteem to today’s standards.

This NFT art marketplace currently ranks among the top NFT websites in terms of sales volume. Notably, it hosts celebrity drops and ‘open editions.’ The latter is a type of sale model within which unlimited editions of an item are available for a limited time whose sale occurs at base prices. Such a selling model has also allowed the platform to support releases from users in the form of ‘packs’ or NFT drops having varying rarities.

One of the significant contributors to the growth of this marketplace is that it allows collectors to purchase NFT items using Fiat money via Credit Card transactions. Alongside it, the platform also offers direct NFT crypto payment options, making it further easier for users to choose their preferred mode of payment.

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  1. MakersPlace

This gateway platform is reported to frequently collaborate and partner with prestigious traditional artists and institutions that deal in art. Today, its community consists of thousands of creators, including photographers, musicians, artists, and many other professionals who can easily put their creations for sale on this platform that allows users to sign up and also place bids.

The all-time highest-grossing sale of an NFT item in history was for ‘Everydays: the First 5,000 Days’ created by an artist named Beeple. It was sold on MakersPlace, in collaboration with the eminent Christie’s Auction House for a whopping $69 million!

Best NFT Marketplace

MakersPlace makes NFT purchases available to global audiences and allows them to place transparent and anonymous bids besides sending out personalized and customizable buying suggestions to its users via a daily email catalog. In addition, this easy-to-navigate NFT marketplace also offers limited-time drops apart from daily featuring new and popular creators!

  1. OpenSea

One of the oldest and most revered NFT websites is OpenSea which markets NFTs of both ERC-721 and ERC-1551 standards. Established in 2018, this marketplace today claims to be the largest platform for selling user-owned digital goods.

It charges 2.5% of sale fees compared to the higher 2.9% extracted by other similar marketplaces. Still, it allows users to earn bounties for contributing to the successful sale between a buyer and a seller of NFT assets on the platform. It currently supports collection creation for users that can include items related to art, music, trading cards, sports items, virtual worlds, utility, domain names, etc., for sale.

Besides featuring exclusive drops, the website also presents the opportunity to users to link their crypto wallet and the ability to purchase a feature on the homepage. OpenSea has also been the chosen platform by the team of ‘Saturday Night Live’ for auctioning their “What the hell’s an NFT” sketch, which a user purchased under the pseudonym of Dr_Dumpling for 172 ETH.

  1. Rarible

It is another one of the popular NFT trading platforms that, unlike OpenSea, allows decentralized issuance of NFT assets. Though the platform presently allows the sale and auction of only art-based items, it is Ethereum based and operated by holders of the RARI tokens. The trade volume for this NFT marketplace exceeds the sum of 88k ETH or $200 million, with the total count of the sold items exceeding one billion.

Best NFT Marketplace

Rarible presents weekly rewards to the marketplace users who have played a role in buying or selling an NFT item via awarding them RARI tokens, a type of liquidity mining program that is slated to continue until the mid-2024. A benefit of hosting your NFT items on Rarible is that they will also be cross-listed on OpenSea to earn better exposure. Soulja Boy is also notably among the list of users who have minted an NFT item on this platform.

  1. FansForever

It is a newly emerging NFT marketplace that is based on TRON. It aims to negate the transaction fees on the sale of tokens, which is relatively high considering that NFT art is potentially sold for millions using the ETH cryptocurrency.

This “decentralized social marketplace” has listed prominent figures as contributors like Lindsay Lohan, Swae Lee, Tyga, Ne-Yo, etc. They together support the marketplace’s claim of offering celebrity NFT items. The platform has signed Lindsay Lohan to release a new track of her own called “Lullaby” in partnership with Manuel Riva, whose bids at the time of writing peaked at $125,000.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, has participated in the auction of Beeple’s collections and reportedly bought artworks made by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol for a combined sum of $22 million through an auction held by the Christie’s.

  1. Foundation

The Foundation platform is managed by a community of creators from around the world who are artists, musicians, etc. A user can join the platform only via obtaining an invite from an existing creator. Post joining, they can then set up their token or content for an auction after mentioning a reserved price, exceeding which the auction will run for 24 hours only.

A valuable piece of information is that an artist can only hand out one invite, which helps retain the platform’s purpose: an artist-curated marketplace. Still, at the same time, it limits newer artists without the means of obtaining an invite.

Regardless, the platform daily features new tokens from different artists and displays a few of the many ongoing auctions. Additionally, the Foundation marketplace also has a blog space where noteworthy content creators and artists collaborate and discuss subjects ranging from art to industry digitalization and much more. The platform has already reported an impressive sum of $46,198,386 since February 2021, and it’s only growing by the day!

  1. Superfarm

The Superfarm is a versatile cross-chain protocol that allows it to provide the registered public users(gamers) with the ability to farm NFT tokens and obtain NFT drops. Such a practice is similar to the farming capabilities made available by the DeFi protocols.

Best NFT Marketplace

The platform shot up in popularity after featuring a five-day Genesis Drop Event, which provided users with a chance to gain NFTs that let the users enjoy unique privileges on the platform. By the end of the platform’s beta program, it is eyeing to invite more video game integrations and the ability to carry out NFT-based voting, loans, and rentals.

The platform is a product of the famous Youtuber Elliot Wainmain who hosts the EllioTrades Crypto YouTube channel with over 3300,000 subscribers. It will soon also offer users to generate and trade NFTs alongside providing the ability to buy, sell and browse live auctions.

  1. Hoard.Exchange

The trend of possessing the ownership of virtual items has already stacked a substantial market for hoarders. This platform offers them a worthy infrastructure in the form of an NFT marketplace where they can integrate in-game items into the Ethereum blockchain. It is possible by using the software development kit the platform offers, which allows easy conversion of in-game items into tokens without needing to learn to code.

The Hoard Exchange Marketplace will hold these items as NFTs that users can trade, buy, sell, or rent. It can be inclusive of elements like rare collectibles, virtual real estate, etc. All the transactions between users will be handled by the platform, which allows the stablecoins users to issue loans to the borrowers against collateralized NFT items.

The proprietary HRD coins will also support ETH trading pools like Uniswap for providing users with UNIV2 tokens. The providers will acquire a small amount of trade volume depending on the fees and payment structure of Uniswap. Soon during the Q2 in 2021, Hoard Exchange will launch to public users. Thus, you may likely get to trade your in-game items from the NBA, and the NFL game titles into game-limited NBA NFT assets and NFL NFT assets, respectively.

  1. Mintable

Mintable is perhaps the most straightforward platform and marketplace that allows the creation of digital assets or collectibles in the form of NFT that reside on the Zilliqa blockchain. The convenience of token creation on this website attracts numerous users globally. The creators can turn their PDFs, audios, art, and clips into transferable ownership items using such means. The sale of those items is also possible by selling limited items that may also sell for limited rights.


Usually, the commonly accepted form of payment is through cryptocurrency. Still, the Mintable marketplace also displays the NFT price in a USD format.  Moreover, users can themselves generate a small contract offered by the tools within Mintable, which already since its inception at the beginning of the year has earned a rightful name for itself.

From a Nyan cat NFT to music NFTs, you can find various items here for purchase or for assisting your decision. Though it hasn’t gained equal popularity as the platform that collaborated with beeple NFT collectible or the grimes NFT, the nifty digital collectibles’ creation and listing process are fairly easy, thereby earning this marketplace a rank on our top ten list.

  1. Zora

If someone were to comb through the NFT Reddit forums to find a straightforward NFT marketplace, Zora would be a stark recommendation without a single downvote. The platform was previously limited to an invite-only model, the same as the Foundation. However, it presently allows public access to all users for the purchase and sale of NFTs.

What makes it stand out is that it lets a creator accept any bid in any currency from any owner, and the auction duration can remain available indefinitely. The need to pass through another platform for the purchase and sale of NFTs is also negated, making this platform supreme for typical users. Additionally, this platform allows easy creation of any item into a token such as text, GIF, image, video, music, etc. The users can connect their crypto wallet too!

  1. Terra Virtua

Owning NFTs can be wonderful, but where’s the fun of owning them and never flaunting them, especially when the tokens are items that cost a fortune! Usually, NFTs are elements of hugely popular personalities or art. To showcase them, Terra Virtua can help you create a personalized gallery that can present the NFTs owned by you in the way you prefer!

Best NFT Marketplace

If you’re looking for directions on where to buy NFT of Hollywood blockbusters, then Terra Virtua has got you covered with signed deals from Paramount Pictures to Unreal Engine. The platform also has deals signed to offer intellectual properties for Top Gun, The Godfather, and many more.

Choose a Fan cave or a Terradome if an Art gallery is too dull for your taste. Or, carry all your NFTs in your palm for projecting them in Augmented Reality using a mobile app by Terra Virtua. The possibilities are endless for showcasing your dear precious collectibles! Be sure to keep an eye out for your favorites in the marketplace because they will sell out FAST!

  1. Known Origin

If you have already figured out how to make NFT art and would like to make your masterpiece sell for unbelievable rates, then Known Origin can help you. The marketplace allows you to create time-exclusive NFT drops and auctions whose copies you can decide to define your art’s rarity.

The Activity section of the platform can show your recent sales and creations or jump to the secondary marketplace to find re:listed NFT artworks. Previously the platform accepted applications as an artist to join the platform, yet presently the entries are closed. Still, the end of the quarter should offer you a chance to establish your hold in this closed community of renowned artists.

  1. SuperRare

A platform that performs as its namesake in the world of exclusive collectible art should be pretty special, and it is! SuperRare can be considered the holy grail of all the crypto art platforms with epic credibility despite the highly-rated Nifty Gateway earning its fair share from serving a larger audience.


SuperRare curates its marketplace extremely carefully, meaning it is highly selective in choosing submissions, to the point where even popular celebrities are denied a feature. Aside from this, the chosen artist gets to create one token without any editions, thereby maintaining the art’s rarity and doing justice by the platform’s name. We’re kidding, and the latter part is a joke! Or is it?

SuperRare may be picky, but it works well to support the artists that join the platform. By organizing exhibitions, exclusive features, and project releases, they make efforts so that the community grows while ensuring crypto art sustenance.

  1. Async Art

Developers might come to love this NFT marketplace for one particular reason, programmable art. Async Art is a well-known NFT music selling platform that contains pieces that are inclusive of a master and specific layers.

A collector can own the master element the same way a collector can also own a layer of that element. Yet, the artist’s attributes (of the layer) (decided by the artist) can be changed by the individual collector(s) whose reflections will invariably appear on the master layer.

Such art is gaining quite traction among communities. The famous piece of Amelia Earhart is a good example of the same concept. Besides it, the Async Art marketplace also holds NFTs of various other types, each unique in their regards.

The Takeaway

Among the various types of marketplaces hawking off NFT in both polite and rugged fashion, the global users now have a wide range of choices, with numerous more features that they can now discover because of the boom of NFT into the art world. It won’t be surprising if a person seeks a WWE NFT like a figurine, which as a matter of fact, can also very well be an NFT item.

Although NFT mining and generation effects affect the environment negatively, people are not yet ready to discard the gold mine that the art world has become. A means that heavily relied on social marketing previously.

Despite it, whichever platform you may choose to browse, there are several ways to acquire an NFT token. The marketplaces above, for now, are currently the big players in the world of crypto art.

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