Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India – Top Platforms & Apps

The cryptocurrency market is booming with over $2.5 Trillion capital with numerous types of crypto tokens in circulation. The decentralized crypto network allows global trade & bears other cryptos like NFTs, ERC 1155 tokens, etc. With the over 5000 types of cryptos existing on blockchains, one might wonder, who’s the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India?

Why India? Well, according to a broker comparison & discovery platform survey, India ranks 1st globally for having the highest crypto owners (+10.68 Cr). In the second place, US citizens are at 2.74 Crore people followed by Russia and Nigeria at 1.73 Cr and 1.29 Cr respectively. So, who is leading the market for the cryptocurrency exchange in India?

DeX Platform or Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

Most users may not be familiar with the cryptocurrency exchange platform differences, which can prove to be risky. While both types of platforms are available to Indian users, there are significantly more Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms than there are DeX Platforms.

Decentralized Crypto Exchange Platforms: These are autonomous financial protocols powered with Smart Contracts allowing conversion of one crypto asset to another. All the transactions are recorded and viewable on the blockchain. Such platforms let users retain control of their funds or assets while trading.

  • Devoid of KYC requirements helps maintain complete anonymity in transactions.
  • Do not retain control over your wallets, therefore highly secure from frauds or cyber threats.
  • Offers access to DApps transactions which can allow NFT, DeFi lending/borrowing, etc.

Centralized Crypto Exchange Platforms: These online trading platforms match sellers with buyers through an order book and function similarly to online brokerage accounts. Such platforms, in a certain sense, hold control over your assets or funds when you trade.

  • Availability of Higher Trading Volumes & Seamless crypto-asset exchange.
  • It supports currency exchange of both types: Crypto to Fiat or Fiat to Crypto.
  • It provides additional features like margin trading, crypto derivatives, margin lending, etc.
  • It offers a better ease of use, making it suitable for new users.

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform in India: CeX

Many centralized crypto exchange platforms have already substantiated the field, with more being developed across various parts of India. It’s anyone’s guess how many will prevail trustworthy in offering top cryptocurrency exchanges for a longer duration.

However, the following are the centralized platforms offering the best cryptocurrency exchange in India based on several reports.

1. CoinSwitch Kuber

The present largest Indian cryptocurrency exchange website initially began as a global cryptocurrency aggregator before establishing itself as a platform. Without paying fees for buying or selling crypto coins, users can access over 100 digital tokens via Fiat money.

Coinswitch Kuber best cryptocurrency exchange in india

Apart from supporting multiple payment options like UPI, NEFT & IMPS, the platform does the task of connecting to multiple exchanges. This helps it keep things simple while allowing utmost flexibility and better security as it doesn’t pool crypto resources.

2. WazirX

Founded in 2018, same as CoinDCX, it acquired the Backing of Binance platform via acquisition, boosting itself to prominence. Initially, it primarily offered a variety of crypto exchange services related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, it also sells its own crypto tokens called WRX besides developing a DeX platform of its own.

Wazirx best cryptocurrency exchange in india

It is one of the most secure platforms that has partnered with TRM labs to prevent or detect Crypto fraud. Such progressive growth is aimed at offering NFT sales to other forms of crypto trading while retaining its limitless trade ability.

3. CoinDCX

It enables users to indulge in crypto trade and exchange activities which is also functional via its cryptocurrency exchange app. Besides such functionalities, it also offers a crypto lending service and collectively has over 3.5 million active users.

Coindcx best cryptocurrency exchange in india

It has its own crypto trading product called Cosmex, and the platform valuation already exceeds the $1.1 billion mark. Users frequenting the platform appreciate its smaller spreads, better interface, availability of order book, lending, stacking, extra token pairs, etc.

4. ZebPay

It is one of the oldest Indian crypto exchange platforms, offering near-instantaneous transactions. Despite supporting only six cryptocurrencies, it provides about 12 crypto/fiat pairs & 6/6 crypto/crypto pairs. Moreover, it lets users store their coins in cold wallets. While that ascertains the security of the coins, the best feature is account availability based on nomination.

Zebpay best cryptocurrency exchange in india

Regarding keeping frauds away, it charges the inactive accounts 0.0001 BTC monthly and provides user platform access via nomination-only. It also offers crypto wallet services apart from establishing India’s first NFT platform called ZEBRA.

5. Bitbns

It functions as a P2P (peer-2-peer) crypto exchange platform for bitcoin exchange with other 100+ cryptocurrencies in 120+ trading pairs. The users can directly exchange cryptocurrencies without the intervention of intermediaries via its native automation tools and advanced features.

Bitbns best cryptocurrency exchange in india

The ease of trading via its app is commendable, but it lacks the userbase of its competitors. It has everything required to start your crypto exchange journey, from low transaction fees to margin trading and other features.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform in India: DeX

The Indian Government doesn’t yet have definite rules regarding the governance of crypto trade activities. Hence, the vast ambiguity about crypto exchanges has limited the development of native DEX platforms for a long time. But, that’s about to change with the rumored release of the budget 2022, which will include crypto governance norms.

Despite such alleged reports, newer technologies are already constituting the development of native DEX platforms for Indian users. Such additions will join the ranks of the already functional global DEX platforms that offer their services to Indian residents.

Here are such DEX platforms for the best cryptocurrency exchange in India, which also helped make Indians the world’s top crypto buyers.

1. dYdX

It runs via audited smart contracts on Ethereum, removing the need to have a trusted exchange intermediary for trading operations. Offering parallel transaction speeds like centralized crypto exchange platforms, it’s an open trading platform for crypto assets.


Users can open up to 10x leveraged positions for trading on margins or perpetual. The platform also offers borrowing crypto assets directly to crypto wallets besides facilitating holding existing assets as collateral. It has all the bells and whistles of a successful DeX platform because users retain full control of their assets. Additionally, there’s no need to sign up.

2. PancakeSwap

It’s a decentralized crypto exchange platform that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), offering multitudinous features. It has an AMM (Automated Market Maker), allowing the seamless exchange of two tokens on the Binance Chain.


Accessing the cryptocurrency exchange website will also provide you with the opportunity to earn CAKE with yield farms & Syrup pools. You can exchange these tokens for cryptocurrencies on the BSC, and don’t let the lighthearted theme fool you. It offers comparatively high annual per year percentages of returns.

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3. Aave

The open-source non-custodial liquidity protocol is earning a name for itself by allowing deposits and lending of crypto assets. It is one of the leading platforms to offer DeFi loans where users can be borrowers or lenders. Its function as a cryptocurrency exchange app is witnessed in its practice of storing non-custodial smart contracts on Ethereum.


Users get complete control of their wallets, and lenders can pool their crypto assets on this platform to earn passive income. The Borrowers can acquire crypto assets perpetually or undercollateralized patterns, allowing maximum crypto-asset circulation.

4. BinanceDEX

It is the native marketplace on the Binance Blockchain and the world’s largest crypto trading platform combining numerous crypto trades. Users can access any type of crypto asset trade from the platform, NFTs, the ERC-1155 crypto tokens, etc.

Binance Dex best cryptocurrency exchange in india

The platform is also secure as it records all transactions on its nodes to offer auditable ledger activity. Users new to it may feel overwhelmed by its interface, but it’s simple enough to get started within minutes. Gain access to thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges at effective rates with this DeX platform.


The NASDEX is touted to be Asia’s first decentralized exchange platform that lets users trade tokenized equities on the blockchain. Its trading mechanism resembles the real world equity trading structure allowing users to mint global tokenized stocks. Users can manage their crypto tokens and tokenized stocks simultaneously while indulging in fractional ownership and other equity activities.

Nas Dex

It is backed by investors like Polygon, Starter, Quickswap, and others that assist it in establishing its NASDEX ecosystem. Users will be able to trade on over 50 top Asian stocks via crypto assets by the Q2 of 2022.

Final Words

Among the growing number of top cryptocurrency exchanges available to the Indian market, picking those offering global trades is ideal. Additional aspects that you should consider are the existence & extent of the deposit and withdrawal fee apart from transaction fees.

Furthermore, it would be wise not to put all your eggs in one basket until the Indian Government establishes the guidelines for the crypto trade.

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