9 Best Crypto Stocks with Potential Dividends in 2022!

The cryptos were deep during May 2022, with the biggest crashes in the history of crypto – Terra (LUNA) and the stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) fell to erase tens of billions of dollars. The overall market volume of the publicly traded tokens dipped by nearly 50%. So if you’re in the market for the best crypto stocks, here are some ideal suggestions.

The 9 Best Crypto Stocks to Invest in 2022!

It is not essential to purchase crypto to own a crypto stock in your portfolio in 2022. Numerous tech giant companies have entered the crypto market by adopting Web3 solutions or developing their blockchain-backed products.

Such conditions make them equally viable as the best stocks to invest in 2022. At the same time, be sure to watch their holdings and stay aware of their activities in the crypto world to get the most out of your investments.

Best Crypto Stocks

1. PayPal Holdings (PYPL)

Market Value: $330+ Million

Quarterly YoY: +1,200%

Profit Margin: +22.5%

Annual Equity Returns: +29%

The world’s largest payment gateway & fintech solutions provider announced early in October 2021 that it would allow users to hold cryptos. But, this is not the only reason they top the list of the best crypto stocks to own in 2022.

Within a month of the launch of letting users store or exchange crypto using PayPal, it became one of the top 5 finance apps. Over 392 million PayPal users worldwide used their app to trade cryptos, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Moreover, the company gained 14.5 million new accounts, adding over $20 billion to its revenue. Therefore, top finance analysts peg the company to gain above 24% annual earnings growth per year for between three to five years.

Best Crypto Stocks

2. Square (SQ)

Market Value: $108+ Billion

Quarterly YoY: N/A

Profit Margin: +2.5%

Annual Equity Returns: +17%

The startup that began as a provider of card-reading hardware to small businesses also announced its bitcoin investment in October. The total investment amounted to ~$50 million, which was their 1% of total assets owned at the Q2 end.

What makes the SQ among the best stocks to invest in 2022 is its Cash App. It allows users to buy, store, trade, deposit, and withdraw bitcoins, which also boasts an Auto Trade feature. Through it, the app users could invest in cryptos per the recurring daily or weekly bitcoin purchases or stocks relative to dollar-cost.

Additionally, their recent quarter earnings reflected +3.5 Billion revenue linked solely to bitcoin transactions, marking 11 times the growth per YoY figures. Whether you own the metaverse stocks or not, SQ continues to buy bitcoin, making it a safe investment option for crypto stock enthusiasts.

Best Crypto Stocks

3. JP Morgan Chase (JPM)

Market Value: $457+ Billion

Quarterly YoY: ~400%

Profit Margin: +34%

Annual Equity Returns: +15%

Although numerous notable personalities within the firm dubbed bitcoin and cryptos to be fraud and whatnot, it is among the best crypto stocks you can grab. Its native JPM Coin is proof of them maturing with the market, backed by their natively developed blockchain-based banking services.

The system can verify global payments quicker, besides offering other benefits. But, the firm is ardent about not actively investing in the Bitcoin tokens, labeling such ventures as highly risky. Yet, JP Morgan Chase has enabled its clients to have and actively manage Bitcoin Funds, which will release in Q3 2022.

Best Crypto Stocks

4. Nvidia (NVDA)

Market Value: $475+ Billion

Quarterly YoY: +108%

Profit Margin: +27.5%

Annual Equity Returns: +33.3%

The top global manufacturer of Graphics Cards can’t not be credited for the rise of Bitcoin since 2017. Whether you count it among the leading metaverse stocks to buy or the best company to bet on in the crypto decade, it’s undoubtedly a must-buy for several reasons.

Its hardware GPUs’ instrumental role in solving the crypto mining algorithms has helped blockchain systems worldwide. Furthermore, what continues to make it rank among the best stocks to invest in 2022 is its progressive innovation in moving to a 4nm manufacturing process.

The expanding virtual and digital landscape built on blockchains would incontestably rely on GPU hardware products. And Nvidia has been the market’s largest producer and seller for over a decade.

5. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Market Value: $101.9+ Billion

Quarterly YoY: +242.5%

Profit Margin: +25%

Annual Equity Returns: +60.5%

What makes the AMD company a good choice for the best crypto stocks to invest in is the products it makes. While its competitor NVDA profits from mining demand, AMD servers and computer systems are the optimum choices for miners.

The unmatched price-to-performance ratio of its products, tied with its AMD innovation roadmap until 2025, makes it a must-have for anyone who also wants to grab metaverse stocks. Beyond these reasons, the data appears strong, reflecting an over 90% YoY revenue growth.

Furthermore, its acquisition of Xilinx (XLNX) last October, whose merger was completed in April 2022, paves the way for AMD to continue its previous year’s Red Streak of progress.

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Best Crypto Stocks

6. MicroStrategy (MSTR)

Market Value: $5.4+ Billion

Quarterly YoY: N/A

Profit Margin: -24%

Annual Equity Returns: -28.5%

One of the oldest data analytics firms in the world makes the best stocks to invest in 2022 list because of its crypto buy-out from the previous year. Despite their negative returns record, by purchasing nearly $3 billion worth of Bitcoins, which today average over $3.7 Billion,  the company still has a strong foothold.

From its board of directors being paid in digital assets to buying every bitcoin dip, MSTR is surfing on the crypto tide full steam ahead. Its to-date collective crypto investment directly put them parallel to other firms like Tesla Inc. and Square, making the company exceedingly more valuable in a short time.

7. Coinbase Global (COIN)

Market Value: $59+ Million

Quarterly YoY: +2,300%

Profit Margin: +36.5%

Annual Equity Returns: +54%

If you want to invest in a company that is directly involved in the crypto business at the blockchain level, then Coinbase Global is among the best crypto stocks to purchase and hold. After announcing its public offering, the brokerage firm had a grey period, but it has receded to profitability.

The simple business model of connecting buyers and sellers will not dull with upcoming layer-2 blockchain technology upgrades and Web3 innovations. It has led them to announce the launch of Coinbase Prime, an institutional investment platform that will attract multinational-level operating organizations.

Coinbase has been one of the few companies that have been in profit since day one of their operations. So, the opportunity to buy the dip would only soar their market valuations and annual growth figures.

Best Crypto Stocks

8. Tesla Inc. (TSLA)

Market Value: $676.8+ Billion

Quarterly YoY: +80.54%

Profit Margin: +17.69%

Annual Equity Returns: +28.26%

The electronic self-driving auto-making firm Tesla Inc. invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin in February 2021. While it is nowhere near the investment made by MSTR and far ahead of what the metaverse stocks sell for, Tesla is driving its way to make over $2 Billion annually as per the current valuation.

Not only is the company the second-largest investor in crypto, but it was also known to accept crypto or digital assets as payment for several months. What adds makes this company worthwhile and one of the best stocks to invest in 2022 is Elon Musk.

His name needs no introduction in the crypto world because he is firmly suspected of secretly being a crypto whale. But, while that’s not a measure to rely on the company, its release of the Cyber Truck, succeeded by its automation robots later this year, will indeed drive the profit margins high, if not to Mars.

Grayscale Logo for Joint Announcement

9. Greyscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)

Assets Under Mgmt: $21.8+ Billion

Expenses: +2% | $200 per $10,000 investment

Not many might be aware of this digital currency investing and cryptocurrency asset management firm, but it is a green name in the best crypto stocks market. Despite some investors confusing its services as ETFs, GBTC relies on different trusts like the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) and others.

Since GBTC does not trade via major exchange commissions, it needs not to register itself with the Securities and Exchange Board. So, its ‘over-the-counter’ exchange model can still allow investors to buy its stocks without answering SEB.

The only scenario where the company could fail is when it starts to operate as ETFs, which would be cheaper than what it lets users do. But, since it allows buying bitcoin at discounted or higher prices than the market valuation, it remains a safe bet in the best crypto stocks to purchase market.

Best Crypto Stocks

The Takeaway

Several companies can further be added to the list of best stocks to invest in 2022, but they also pose critical risks. For nations where it’s illegal to trade or own cryptos, owning the stocks mentioned above comes as close as it can get for them to invest in crypto.

So, watch out for the movement of these best crypto stocks besides keeping an eye out for the supposedly volcanic crypto metaverse stocks.

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